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Abbas Mohammadpour: Thirty years of waiting is not a short time

Mr. Mohammadpour, a former member of the Rajavi Cult, stated on the first day of the nationwide conference of the Nejat Society held on August 7,2021:

Greetings to all friends. Whether those who we were together in Camp Ashraf under the captivity of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult) or those whose loved ones are there. As my friend Mahmoud Dashtestani said, this is not a matter of economics and material things. They took over our whole life during these years. How, for our soul and for our being, can materials be discussed?

Abbas Mohammadpur

Abbas Mohammadpurmr; a former member of the Rajavi Cult

We are talking about those who are waiting. In turn, I support all that is being done and what other friends are doing in connection with the complaint. I will work until the end, so that we can take these loved ones back to a place where they are free, or at least their families can visit them. The waiting period for families is not one or two years, but 30 years.

We do our best to get at least one of them out of captivity or they can call or their families can go and visit them. We complained against MEK and we will follow it to the end, and we will go and testify and say what they did to us and what they did to those who are still in captivity wherever necessary.

In my opinion, this organization has no foundation and it is vanishing day by day like a tree bitten by termites. Therefore, supporting this organization, both by governments and politicians, is useless. We follow this way so that we can bring these families to their loved ones. We do everything we can.

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