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Why the MEK members are deprived of family visit

Mr. Mohammad Akbarzadeh from Qazvin Province, the brother of Issa Akbarzadeh, a member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization in Albania, said in an interview with the Nejat Society correspondent:

Greetings to all the families who are members of the Nejat Society and all the families of Iran, the families who have been waiting for the return of their children for years. The families who sat in Iraq for years with the least facilities to visit their children, but unfortunately the MEK deprived these families with all its power.
I am Mohammad Akbarzadeh. Unfortunately, my brother Issa Akbarzadeh was recruited into this organization in Turkey by conspiracies that you know. we, families staged behind the gates of Camp Ashraf for about 4 years. The families were there empty-handed. All they wanted was to meet their loved ones, and the organization stood against these families with all its strength.

Issa Akbarzadeh brother

Mohammad Akbarzadeh; the brother of Issa Akbarzadeh; MEK cult hostage

As a brother and as a family member, I first have a question for the international community. The organization always insists that these people are in the group’s camps of their own will. If these people are there of their own free will, why not at least allow them to connect with their families.

Why are all the routes that these members can communicate with their families closed? What is the danger of communication with the family for this organization? Why this has always been the red border for members.
I call on the international community and human rights organizations to provide at least the demands of families, which is a face-to-face visit. There are families who, unfortunately, are not in a good mental and physical condition right now. Parents, who have been away from their loved ones for years, demand at least hearing the voices of their children. The MEK, with all its propaganda voice, claims supporting human rights though it takes these rights of the families and members.

I want to speak as a member of the Nejat Society. I have been serving these families for a long time now. I want to tell Massoud and Maryam Rajavi that with all our strength, with all the power that families have, we are all united so that we can save our loved ones who are still trapped in this cult.

God willing, we complained against leaders of the MEK and we started this movement. Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, who are the cause of all these problems and troubles have arisen against these families, and we hope that they will be brought to justice as soon as possible, in European countries and the Hague Tribunal, to get the rights of each of these families. Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and wives who were years away and even children who did not see their father. That is, their father went to war when they were a baby and their father was captured in the war and then he was captured by this organization.

We, the families, call for the trial of Massoud and Maryam, and we call on the international community to pave the way and hold Massoud and Maryam accountable for all the crimes they committed.
Massoud and Maryam and this deceitful cult have not only oppressed our loved ones who are in the cult, but also they have denied the rights of all the parents who are now in Iran and are waiting. There are parents who even waited for a phone call from their loved ones until the moment of their death. I can name a father like Mr. Ghahremani, who even looked for his son Hussein until the last moment until he closed his eyes.
We, the families and the former members want the trial of Massoud and Maryam, and we stand by the end of this process.
I thank you all.

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