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MKO, al-Qaeda co-op disclosed

An Iraqi official unveils close cooperation between members of Mujahideen Khalq Organization, Al-Qaeda and elements of Iraq’s Baath Party.

Ouad Nejm al-Rabiee, a member of Dayali National Salvation Council, also disclosed that MKO renders financial assistance to some Iraqi opposition groups, according to Iran’s Fars news agency.

He pointed out that a large number of elements affiliated to former Iraq’s Baathist regime in Jialeh, El-Kebishat and Abou Nakhl villages that are near to MKO headquarters receive large amount of cash for carrying out terrorist attacks in all provinces of Iraq.

He called on Iraqi government and parliament to take measures for deporting MKO members from Iraq.

In early 2007, the Iraqi government announced that MKO interferes in Iraq’s internal affairs and ordered them to leave the Arab country.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi government spokesman said that MKO can choose between returning to Iran or go to another country.

Ali al-Dabbagh stressed that Iraqi Constitution does not allow granting asylum to any terrorist organization. ‘We warn MKO to respect Iraq’s laws and regulations while leaving Iraq,’ he added

‘Congressional Weekly’ wrote that the US Pentagon is planning to train MKO elements against Iran. The US has always opposed to banning MKO’s activities in Iraq.

Hundreds of MKO members are stationed in Ashraf Military Camp in Al-Azim region, 70 km North of Baghdad.


Press TV

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