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Nejat Society’s main mission

The Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ NCRI/ Cult of Rajavi) is not currently considered a social, political or even security threat for the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, the group is still enjoying the material support of the enemies of Iran in order to target psychological security of the Iranian nation using its well-fueled propaganda machine.

What puts the MEK in the limelight is human rights issues. The group is a considerable example of destructive mind control cults. It uses manipulation techniques to control and maintain its members violating the basic human rights of theirs and their families’.

Unfortunately, the current international political circumstances have made the MEK leaders capable of committing human rights violations against their own members, imposing sufferings on their families. And, they have never been questioned for the human rights they abused.

As an NGO formed by former members of the Cult of Rajavi and families of present members, Nejat Society calls for a change in living conditions of the MEK members who are deprived from the most basic human rights including the right to contact their family. Nejat Society is in charge of drawing international attention to human rights abuses committed against members of the MEK.

In Nejat Society’s point of view, members of the Cult of Rajavi are kept in a modern slavery. They are mentally and physically imprisoned. They should be released from such a catastrophic situation and their human rights should be restored. During the past years, Nejat Society has worked hard to at least restore the MEK members’ right to contact their families.

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