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The Iraqi Dissident Dismisses Government’s Warning

In a statement that was broadcasted last week by Al-Sharqiya TV, the Iraqi government TV channel, Nuri Al-Maliki government warned the Iraqis who came in contact with Mojahadin Khalq Organization (MKO). The statement admonishes those in contact with MKO that they are in violation of "National Safety Law" and therefore will be subject to punishment. The announcement was made as a result of the group’s suspicious collusion with dissident Iraqi groups and factions that has fostered the threat of terrorist moves in Iraq.

Reported by Al Mashriq Newspaper, in a harsh reaction against the government’s statement, the chief of the National Dialogue Front, Salih Al Mutlak, has rejected the government’s banning contacts with the terrorist group. He said that he will respond to the first invitation that he receives from MKO to participate in their activities inside our outside Iraq.

Such reactions by an Iraqi dissident before anything emboldens the terrorist MKO sheltered in Camp Ashraf to boost its anti-national moves against the Iraqi government and people who have to pay the price of the group’s political and cult-like ambitions. Furthermore, such an objection indicates that the group has not failed to take advantage of the existing rift in Iraqi parties to indirectly contradict its expulsion from Iraq.

Mojahedin.ws – 13/07/2007

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