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Americans Appease the MKO in Iraq

Fars News Agency Quoted Sotaliraq website as follows:

After General Abdulkarim Al-Rabiee asked Baqubah refugees to return to their homes following the restoration of security in parts of the area, residents said that security won’t be established in the city while American forces appease terrorist groups including Mojahedin Council, Ansar al-Sunnah and Mojahedin-e khalq.

Qais Abdulhalim, a resident of Al-Mefraq district in Baqubah, said: "We are tired of changing our homes and going from one place to another. We like to get back to our city if terrorists have left any homes at all!"

"This situation requires real security strategies and those who had to leave their place should be compensated," he added.

The report indicates that at least 13000 residents of Baqubah have been forced to leave their homes in the past 2 years due to US’s wrong policies.

Earlier, Iraqi officials had announced that they were going to discuss the issue of MKO expulsion in a meeting on Tuesday.

Fars News – 2007/07/19


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