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Mohammad Gamoosh was hanged in the MEK Camp Ashraf


Born in 1968, Mohammad Gamoosh was from Zanjan, Iran. He was a soldier in the Iran-Iraq war serving in division 46 Orumieh. He was taken as a war prisoner in a joint operation launched by Iraqi and MEK forces against Iranians in Hajomran region. Mohammad Gamoosh had just finished his army service and had planned to get back home but the tide turned.

The MEK forces transferred Mohammad and other POWs to Debes prison near Kirkuk, Iraq. From the first moment Mohammad tried to convince the MEK agents that his army service had finished and his parents had awaited his return but he was totally ignored. Instead, Sadat Darbandi (called Kak Adel), the notorious MEK’s commander humiliated and threatened him. Mohammad did not stop complaining. He was known among POWs for his dissent against MEK commanders.

Eventually, in a cold morning of the winter of 1987, his body was found hanged behind the prison building. A number of members of the Mujahedin Khalq saw Mohammad Gamoosh’s body hanged.

The MEK agents did not allow anyone to ask a question about Mohammad’s fate. A group of 20 to 30 MEK agents came to take his body, suppressing other prisoners violently. They put his body in a jeep, took him out of Debes prison and buried him immediately.

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