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Mahmoud Dehghan escape the MEK’s camp in Albania

Mahmoud Dehghan, a hostage of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization could manage to escape the group’s camp. He left the bars of the cult-like system of Rajavi’s group located in Manez, in north of the Albanian capital.

Mahmoud Dehghan was a soldier of the Iranian army when he was taken as a hostage in a joint operation by Saddam Hussein’s and Rajavi’s forces in the border area of Mehran. The MEK agents took him to their notorious Camp Ashraf. He was then relocated in Albania together with the group. Thus, his mental and physical imprisonment behind the bars of the Cult of Rajavi lasted for 34 years.

Mahmoud Dehghan

Mahmoud Dehghan

Mahmoud succeeded to escape the cult after more that three decades. During the long years of separation, his family took several actions calling for release of their beloved Mahmoud. They sent open letters to the international and Albanian authorities, published text and video messages to ask Mahmoud to contact them. Today, they can enjoy contacting and visiting Mahmoud in the free world.

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