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Nejat Newsletter No. 94

Nejat Society Newsletter no.93

Inside this issue:

– Mahmoud Dehghan escaped the MEK
Mahmoud Dehghan, a hostage of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization could manage to escape the group’s camp. He left the bars of the cult-like system of Rajavi’s group located in Manez, in north of the Albanian capital…blank

– Goli’s Prison Break, an account of escaping Camp Ashraf
Goli, was a member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization for 23 years. In the spring of 2011, after he lost 36 of his comrades in the operation..

– Mohammad Gamoosh was hanged in the MEK
Born in 1968, Mohammad Gamoosh was from Zanjan, Iran. He was a soldier in the Iran-Iraq war serving in division 46 Orumieh. He was taken as a war prisoner in a joint operation launched by Iraqi and MEK forces against Iranians in Hajomran region. Mohammad Gamoosh had just finished his army service and had planned to get back home but the tide turned. . .

– Ray Torabi’s message on the occasion of his 40th birthday
When I was 17, after 8 years of separation from my parents, I finally met my biological mother.
Unfortunately, the condition of our meeting was that I had to leave Canada and go to Iraq to meet her, where she was a member of an Iranian opposition organization (MEK-turned out to be a religious cult) . .

– Yusof Laskani return home
Yusof Laskani was released from the MEK in 2016, after 17 years of imprisonment in the cult-like system of the group. He enjoyed his life in the free world in Albania and Germany for

– Hamzeh Rahimi was tortured then disappeared
Hamzeh Rahimi a member of Mojahedin-e Khalq was killed under torture when he was imprisoned in the group’s Camp Ashraf. He was an officer of the Iranian army taken as a Ms. Mohabbati: help me visit my daughter …

– Darvishi witnessed Parviz Ahmadi’s killing under torture
Ardeshir Darvishi, 63, was a sympathizer of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization while he was an army officer of the Iranian army. He left the army in 1991 and joined the group in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, The MEK

– Ex-member: We were remote controlled MEK former member: Rajavi is an Iranian Bin-Laden
Ali Qashqaei spent five years (1995-1998) in the organization’s camps in Iraq: “I was in a difficult financial situation. I thought the organization could help me to get out of it. I was also attracted by the
leaders’ message.

– They May Day, a standard to bring the MEK leaders to trial
Under the impression that she was joining a movement to free the Iranian people, Zahra Mirbagheri found herself in the deserts of Iraq, running carrying heavy pack bags full of rocks. “Viva Rajavi”, she heard herself chanting in the headquarters of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization.

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