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Letter to Albania Gov. concerning the Cyber Attacks against Albania and Iran

His Excellency IIir Meta
The President,
Rruga Bulevardi Deshmoret e Kombit, Tirana

For the attention of:
Edi Rama, Prime Minister
Niko Peleshi, Minister of Defence
Bledar Çuçi, Minister of the Interior
Nasip Naço, Chairman of the Cmmission for National Security at the Parliament

Dear Mr. President

We have learned from the media that on July 15, 2022, some unidentified hackers attacked the online systems of the Albanian government. These services are back online today, July 20, 2022. Prime Minister Edi Rama has alluded that the cyberattacks may have originated from two countries. It is hinted in the media that these countries could be Russia or Iran.

At the beginning of June, international media outlets announced that the Iranian Mujahideen organization which is hosted in Manza, attacked over 5000 government websites and cameras in Iran. This news was published on the pages of the Voice of America and other international media.

On July 2, 2022, Iran International reported that the Mujahideen have bombed the Malek Ashtar military base in Tehran. This is the first time since many years, that the Mujahideen have taken responsibility for such a terrorist attack, declaring that the attack was carried out by ‘revolutionary cells’.

In the cyberattack against Albania on July 15, Top Channel TV station has reported that the hackers are believed to be Iranians. In their hacking message they wrote: “Why should our taxes be spent for the benefit of terrorists in Durres” alluding with this the Mujahideen base which Albania hosts in the town of Manza.

If the above allusion are true and based on the chronology of the terrorist attacks that the Iranian Mujahideen have carried against Iran in the recent months, we would like to ask you as the chairman of the National Security Council of Albania to convene the council that you lead and consider whether Albania has entered into a cyber and military conflict with the Islamic Republic of Iran without the knowledge of the security apparatus of the Albanian state, or if the Mujahideens are trying to bring us into a conflict with a foreign country. If the mujahedin activity is verified and was done without your knowledge, we demand that appropriate legal measures must be taken against their criminal activity.

As experts of Iran, Albanian patriots, and distant followers of the US-Iran nuclear issue, we are ready to offer to your Excellency our expertise and testimonies about the mujahideen activity in our country, the threat that it poses to our national security and the policies of Albania’s ally, the United States of America and its Vienna Nuclear talks with Iran.

Dr. Olsi Jazexhi and Gjergji Thanasi

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