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Former member: the MEK commanders spy on my cellphone

While the mujahedin-e Khalq Organization’s propaganda machine endeavors to label its former members as spies of the Iranian government, the most recently defected member, Mostafa (Milad) Beheshti stated that his cellphone has been spied by the group commanders shortly after his departure from Camp Ashraf 3 in March 2021.

Mostafa Beheshti officially declared his defections from the MEK a few weeks ago. Then, he joined the Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (ASILA). Once he was completely independent from the MEK, he found the courage to begin denouncing the group.
Mostafa has posted several facts on what he experienced under the MEK’s cult-like oppressive ruling on his accounts in social media. MEK commanders’ spying on Mostafa’s cellphone is one of his testimonies on MEK’s Gestapo-like atmosphere that he published on his Facebook account, on July 14th, 2022:

Mostafa Beheshti

Mostafa Beheshti

“A few days after my departure from Camp Ashraf 3 in March 2021, Javad Khorasan [An MEK commander] asked me to go to the camp, he wanted to talk to me. I took my phone with me and put it in a locker in the entrance of the camp. I had bought it a few days earlier. It had no problem. When I got back and took it, the phone was not working. The screen started going black constantly. I noticed that the messages on my WhatsApp and Telegram had been read, they had double blue ticks, although I had not read them yet.”

Mostafa took his cellphone to the store he had purchased it from. The salesman kept the phone for a day to fix it. The next day Mostafa got back to the store and heard the horrific news. “The man asked me where I had taken the phone,” he recounts on his Facebook. “He kept on saying that an external cable must have been connected to my phone and a virus has entered it. He said that all my pictures, messages and contacts had been copied from my mobile. He told me that the phone was no more safe to use. I was shocked. The man showed me a package including a harmful virus on the phone warning me that all my contacts could be monitored since then.”

Mostafa Beheshti left that phone and bought a new one and since then whenever he wanted to go to Camp Ashraf 3, he did not take his phone. “Abdollah and Javad Khorasan [MEK commanders] asked me each time why I had not taken my cellphone,” Mostafa writes. “When I told them about what they did with my phone, they did not admit and told that the Iranian regime did it!” Mostafa Beheshti warned other defectors of the MEK about the spying project of MEK leaders on defectors’ personal life outside Camp Ashraf.

The coincidence is that Mostafa Beheshti was persecuted by the Albanian anti-terrorism Police on the same day he published this post. Beheshti together with 19 other members of ASILA were kept in Police department under the allegations of spying for the Iranian government. Their apartments, cars and the office of ASILA were investigated by the Police but nothing illegal was found. The police presented the documents of their final reports on not having found anything illegal in the raid on ASILA members’ properties.

Mostafa and his friends were freed a few hours later while the MEK’s propaganda machine is still propagating disinformation about its former members. The MEK leaders do not admit that each of these people had worked for them for dozens of years before their defection, instead they make efforts to revenge them by labeling them “as agents of the Iranian regime MOIS and IRGC, who have been parroting the regime’s talking points against the MEK under the banner of “former MEK members”.”

The only “crime” of MEK defectors, according to the leaders of the group, is that they did not want to stay in the cult. They want a normal life in free world without being continuously scrutinized by leaders of the Cult of Rajavi.

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