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The MEK’s sponsors are notoriously known for human rights violations and terrorism

Robert Fantina

Robert Fantina, the university professor, human rights activist, political commentator and journalist from Canada writes extensively about US foreign policy and the Middle East, which focus on Palestine. He has also authored several articles on US illegitimate advocacy for the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MEK). Fantina who serves on the board of Canadian voices for Palestinian rights and Canadian for peace and justice in Kashmir has been recently a speaker at the online conference titled the Specialized meeting of “State Terrorism and the Black History of Mujahedin-e Khalq” which was held live on Instagram of Terror Spring institute.

Fantina emphasized on the fact that human rights have been denied in many populations and global terrorism is increasing. He believes that the US and its allies are the main perpetrators of human rights violations around the world. Thus, their sponsorship for violent groups like the MEK seems a quiet expectable agenda in their ruling over the world.

“As the richest and the most powerful country in the world US could be a significant force for fostering human rights globally and then terrorism,” he states. “However, since its inception that nation instead has chosen to violate human rights at home and around the world and has perpetrated more terrorism in the planet that any other nation you can imagine. It is estimated that gust as the Word War Two US government has caused the death of 17 to 20 million people worldwide.”

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Robert Fantina also criticized the US allies which are also supporters of the MEK for their dark record on human rights and terrorism. He says, “Saudi Arabia which is notorious its discrimination against women purchases billions of dollars of weapons from the US has hardly ever heard a word of criticism from the US.”
Moreover, he denounced the Israeli regime as the apartheid regime that the US politicians proclaim as the only democracy in the Middle East which continues to suppress Palestinians occupying their territories and demolishing their homes every day.

The Canadian commentator describes Saudi Arabia as one of the US’s close allies which has a notorious record of repression of human rights and freedom of expression, detaining and imprisoning women rights activists, human rights defenders, journalists. These violations of human rights affect lives of many people, cause untold sufferings.

According to Fantina, part of the so-called war on terror includes propaganda. The US has invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libia and Yemen and has financed the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. He concludes that “It is vitally important for nations to respect human rights and oppose terrorism to protect themselves.”

Professor Fantina had previously told Jack Turner in an interview in November 2021, “The MEK is a terrorist organization that seeks the overthrow of the legitimate government of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Their terrorist activities – the killing of innocent people – are well-known. Yet they receive support from some western nations, most notably the United States, because that nation’s government harbors an irrational hatred of Iran, and will support any organization, even a terrorist one, that opposes it. The leaders of the MEK should be charged in the International Criminal Court with the many crimes they have committed.”

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