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Mother of an MEK hostage to slam Maryam Rajavi

Mother Saadat

“Mother Saadat” addressed the audience in the premier for Nejat Society’s new documentary, “From Tirana to Tehran”. Hamael Ghanizadeh called Mother Saadat is the mother of three members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq  who has not visited her children for over three decades.

Saadat Mother

Hamael Ghanizadeh aka Mother Saadat , a suffering mother whose children are at the MEK camp in Albania

Mother Saadat mourns in the absence of Mehri, Mahmoud and Nahid Saadat who left home to join the MEK in Iraq during the 1980s. This heart-broken mother used to be a sympathizer of the MEK but now she hates the MEK because she has come to know that her loved ones in Camp Ashraf 3 near Tirana, Albania, are kept there in ignorance from what is going on in the outside world.
During the movie premier, once she was up on the stage to take photos, Mother Saadat told the audience:

“I have not seen my children for 35 years. I raised them with difficulties and now I miss them a lot. They do not write letters and they do not call me. I am addressing Maryam Rajavi. Do you believe in another Islam? Are you allowed to get married with two husbands but our children are deprived from marrying and visiting their parents? I am an old heart-broken mother. I might pass away and never see my children.”

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