Families of Golestan Province demand the release of ASILA members

Nejat families from Golestan province at Camp Liberty Gates;Iraq

Families of Nejat Society office in Golestan province asked the Albanian officials to release the detained members of the Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (ASILA).

Families of the Golestani members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq, who are taken as hostages in Camp Ashraf 3, the MEK’s headquarters in Albania wrote a letter to the authorities of the Albanian government.

In an open letter addressing Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister of Interior Bledar Cuci, they asked for the immediate release of six members of ASILA. Hassan Heirani, Gholamreza Shekari, Ali Hajari, Mehdi Soleimani, Hassan Shahbaz and Ehsan Bidi have been detained by the Albanian immigration and border department for over 5 weeks without being accused of any crime.

“Members of ASILA established their association under the official permission of your government,” they wrote. “However, they were arrested by the Police of your country and were detained in Karrec detention center which is for illegal refugees. They are deprived from the most basic life facilities.”

As victims of the MEK’s cult-like system, families ask the Albanian authorities to liberate the detained members of ASILA because the association is their only hope in Albania that may help them get news of their loved ones captured in Camp Ashraf 3.

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