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Nejat CEO’s letter to the President of Albania

His Excellency Major General Bajram Begaj
Honorable President of the Republic of Albania, Commander in Chief, and Chairman of the Supreme National Security Council

Greetings and regards
I am Ebrahim Khodabandeh, the CEO of the NGO Najat Society in Iran. I am writing to you on behalf of the families of members trapped in the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult) camp in Albania. I guess you are relatively familiar with these names.

First of all, I would like to express the gratitude of the families and former members of the MEK for the responsible action of the Albanian government in exercising the right of national sovereignty, which revealed the true face and main nature of the MEK to the world. This action, which was carried out for the highest national interests of Albania, also brought joy to the families and shone a light of hope on their hearts so that with the opening of the doors of the luxurious and green prison of the MEK in Manëz, they could meet, after decades, with their loved ones in complete freedom and liberation. Undoubtedly, this will be a turning point so that the captives of the Rajavi Cult can communicate with the free world and the families.

As an international relations expert who has enough experience and knowledge in the external relations of the MEK, and as someone who has played a responsible role in the international activities of this organization for 23 years around the clock, and fully acquainted with the function and mentality of its leaders, I would like to share my experiences with the governmental institutions of the Republic of Albania.

It should be noted that the leadership of the MEK has benefited from having an isolated and remote camp in Albania for nearly a decade, which is the dream of every leader of a terrorist cult. In this camp, which, unfortunately, until Tuesday, June 20, the officials of the Albanian government did not have the right to interfere in its internal affairs, there were three significant systematic offenses:

1. Violation of the most basic human rights of the brainwashed members of the cult, who are cut off from the outside world, especially family and friends.

2. Forming a cyber army or troll farm using the unlimited internet facilities in Albania, this targets the cyber security of Iran and the Iranian people.

3. Directing terrorist cells known as rebel centers from Albanian soil using Albanian communication facilities in a part known as Interior Headquarters to carry out malicious operations that threaten the lives and property of the Iranian people.

I request the honorable presidency of the Republic of Albania, and all the members of the National Security Council and experts who deal with this terrorist cult to conduct deeper studies about the mind control destructive cults, because without mastering this knowledge, it is not possible to understand the functioning of the MEK. I and other former members of the MEK inside and outside Albania are always ready to inform about the events inside their camp in Manëz. This extensive and detailed information would be given willingly to whoever might demand them for more knowledge.

Immediately after the legal action of the police authorities of the Albanian government on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, which took place in order to exercise the right of national sovereignty, the MEK, which considers itself beyond any law, and shares this experience with all the countries where it resides, has been active and entered into a series of propaganda and practical measures, some of which I would like to state based on what happened in the past with this organization in Iran, Iraq, France and even the USA.

It is necessary to point out the strong and urgent positions of the MEK against the Albanian government, and the propaganda controversy in this direction by spending huge costs and using all the capacities of lobbying and cover organizations, which have been prepared in advance. This requires the vigilance and timely action of the Albanian government to prevent it, which other governments have experienced in the past.

The MEK claimed that this legal action was taken at the request of Iran and described it as a “criminal and repressive attack” and “a barbaric and illegal action”, which was truly the inalienable right of the Albanian government. Albania has hosted this group for nearly a decade, while no other country was willing to accept it, and because of the presence and activities of this group, it found problems with Iran and became a victim of cyber-attacks, and finally cut ties with Iran and expelled diplomats and closed the Iranian embassy.

We remember that when the US Department of State put this group on the list of terrorist organizations, the same accusations were made against the US government and MEK published a 40 page booklet against the then US administration. Of course the European Union and the governments of the UK, France and Iraq were also accused of such false accusation, which happens any time a contrary action is taken.

As stated in the announcement of the National Council of Resistance (cover name for MEK), this happened in Ashraf Garrison in Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship on two occasions in 2009 and 2015. The MEK showed the same behavior and forced people to throw themselves in front of the police vehicles and even attacked the Iraqi police with weapons and finally accused the then government of Iraq of colluding with Iran, because based on their cultic doctrine, they consider themselves above the law and have never considered themselves subject to the law in any country. Later, mass graves and large quantities of weapons were found in this garrison.

On June 17, 2003, Maryam Rajavi’s residence in Paris was searched by the French police and Maryam Rajavi and about 120 members of the MEK were arrested. Masoud Rajavi immediately ordered self-immolation, which took place in 10 European cities, resulting in two deaths. This cultic behavior was noticed by the observers at the time, and some media announced the danger that those who easily set themselves on fire are capable of committing any crime.

At the same time, the MEK launched a series of legalized activities with the support of propaganda events against the French government at the time, and created an atmosphere against the French government with noise and controversy in every way, as if they were oppressed and it was the French government who has wronged. The MEK accused the French government of colluding with the Iranian government. In this search, 9 million dollars in cash was discovered in Maryam Rajavi’s personal safe, which the MEK could never determine the origin of this money. This was a clear example of money laundering and violation of financial regulations. Also, documents were found in their computers that they had planned to assassinate their opponents. But what was advertised in the media was that the MEK was oppressed, which finally put pressure and influence on the judge of the case.

The experience of these years in different countries, from Iraq and France to Albania, shows that this organization will start the following measures and will vigorously advance them.

1. It will mobilize all its lobbies, especially in the USA, to put pressure on the Albanian government for violating human rights and colluding with the Iranian government, so that finally, the Albanian government will give special privileges to the MEK in order to get rid of the burden of these pressures.

2. By pretending to be oppressed, it mobilizes the supporters throughout the European Union, who are mostly former officials of the countries, and pretends that they express the opinions of their respective governments, and by this it tries to falsely show that the Albanian government is in complete international isolation.

3. Most of the parliamentary friendship groups and non-governmental organizations that have been prepared in the form of a cover in advance, which mostly do not have material existence, create atmosphere against the Albanian government and show that it seems that the public opinion of the world and especially the United States and Europe has been against the action of the Albanian government.

4. It mobilizes prominent and expensive legal lawyers by spending exorbitant expenses obtained from illegal incomes to take extensive legal measures at the same time as propaganda work, and for this reason, by taking time and energy from the government, it exerts more pressure.

5. It will bring in its secret lobbies, especially in the USA, which apparently do not support the MEK, and gives the feeling to the Albanian government that the general situation is against the government and it is necessary for it to retreat and give up its right to sovereignty, and accept the existence of another government in its country.

6. It becomes active in the form of other opposition groups, which in practice are nothing but cover organizations of the MEK, to show if it seems that other opponents of the Islamic Republic do not agree with this action of the Albanian government. Meanwhile, other opposition groups have repeatedly declared their disgust and hatred for this terrorist cult.

7. Employs an intense propaganda bombardment using elements in the media or from among mostly former political and religious figures that are attracted by deception or enticement, which may even take the form of holding rallies in front of Albanian embassies in other countries to influence the security and judicial authorities.

During its 42-year existence outside of Iran, the MEK has always established a parasitic relationship with the governments of the host countries, and tried to abuse them and place itself above the law, and if the relevant government has even a single dissenting opinion, they acted on blackmail and false advertising and started creating fake documents, and unfortunately, in most cases, they succeeded because the opposite parties did not use enough time and energy to study and understand and also deal with it.

Based on past experiences, the government of Albania should not become a prisoner of controversy, hooliganism and excesses of the MEK, and should not allow itself to be abused by an isolated terrorist cult and hated by the people of Iran and even the opponents of the Islamic Republic. It is necessary, now that there are enough experience and knowledge about the cultic tricks of the MEK, to implement the necessary measures and get the necessary preparations.

From the beginning of its establishment, the MEK has always used security issues as an excuse to advance its goals, both against its own members and against the host governments, in order to achieve its hegemonic intentions. This organization has always scared the other parties from security threats from Iran, and in this way, it has provided itself with an authority that if this authority is violated somewhere, then it will rise to confrontation and hostility.

The past of this organization is with me and others like me, which we would like to share with you to understand the performance of this organization better. I and those like me have spent many years of the best years of our lives with this organization and we know the labyrinth of its cultic behavior. Personally, after deep studies about mind control destructive cults and translating and authoring several books, I have mastered the depth of the hidden realities of this cult and its behavior and actions, and I would like to share these experiences to help benefit the families. I have studied and have been closely acquainted with the various internal angles of this organization.

Albania is now beyond Iraq and France in the past, in a historical situation, and the independence of this country’s action is in question, because the MEK based on past experiences in its propaganda for organizational use and victimization and getting rid of the burden of accusations, will try to tarnish the face of the Albanian government and introduce it against human rights and affiliated with the Iranian regime. Immediately, the MEK used expressions such as “Albanian Fascist Police”. From now on, the dagger of the MEK will always be at the side of the Albanian government and will create all kinds of obstacles for Albania’s membership in the European Union, and in this regard, it will question the independence of the Albanian government and will constantly accuse it of violating human rights.

The families and former members of this organization in the Nejat Society are worried about the condition of their loved ones who are trapped in the new slavery conditions in this organization and have nowhere to go. We are also worried that the responsible and intelligent actions of the Albanian government against an organization that threatens the sovereignty and interests of national security will cause this organization to introduce your government as anti-human rights and affiliated, the same thing it did in Iraq and France. The families expect that after the revelation of the cultic nature of the MEK in the events of June 20, 2023, measures will be taken to enable them to communicate with their loved ones after decades and to be able to travel to Albania.

It is quite clear to us that these measures have already started with full intensity, and therefore the Albanian government should not lose the opportunity and initiative and should use all its available capacities, especially in the European Union, to deal with these tricks of the Rajavi Cult.

In repeated letters and messages, I have notified the Albanian statesmen and tried to express the performance of this organization to the extent that it abuses the hospitality of the host country. All the descriptions that I had presented about this organization were observed and proved in action on June 20, 2023. My advice is that you should be aware of the poisonous bites of this spotted snake and don’t leave the scene due to lack of understanding of the cultic nature and performance of the MEK. This is not the end of the case, but the case has just begun, and the Albanian government must take the next steps more firmly and intelligently to reach the final goal.

Now you can clearly see that within a few hours after the incident, statements were published by the MEK propaganda media, which were completely false. This flow will not stop and the MEK will intensify its war with the Albanian government day by day. My advice is to try to keep the problem under control and do not underestimate the cultic tricks of the MEK and be alert and use all your capacities.

What the Albanian government wants is the implementation of the law and the exercise of national sovereignty. However, Masoud Rajavi considers himself beyond any law and has repeatedly emphasized that he needs the blood of his followers for the survival of his organization. This organization has brainwashed people who easily expose themselves to physical harm on the orders of the leaders so as to appear oppressed and inject blood into the body of the organization, of which the self-immolations of 2003 in Europe are an example.

The rational behavior of the Albanian government against Rajavi’s terrorist cult gives satisfaction to the families and awakened human consciences, but this is only the beginning of the way and a serious test for the Albanian government, whether it will lead to the final goal, which is to open the doors of the Manëz camp, or withdraws and accepts the rule of another government in its country.

The families hope that their loved ones trapped in the MEK camp will find their way to the free world and be in touch with their families. Cult members are the first victims of it because they are under mind control and do not have will and power of their own and cannot act independently and need help from outside. They can achieve self-awareness and independence when they get out of the mental and physical domination of the organization, and this is possible only by the Albanian government and with the help of their families. Even years after the separation, these people are still in fear of the threats of the cult leaders, which are falsely implanted in their minds.

An organization with a cult mentality captures the soul and conscience of a person, and therefore any irrational behavior of a captive person in the cult will not be unlikely, even if it ends up at the cost of his own life and that of others. For this reason, most terrorist organizations have internal cultic relations. A cult member cannot be expected to behave like a mature rational person. This can be seen in the released videos of Tuesday’s events that we are not dealing with normal people. We are witnessing the uniform and illogical behavior of people who do not have rationality and independent will in a mass and organized manner. The formation of a human shield against the normal action of the police to prevent them from doing their duty is one example. This is the same dangerous phenomenon that scientists introduce it as the main threat of the third millennium.

My practical suggestion in Albania, to clarify the issues and remove the propaganda tactic of the MEK, is that the main leaders of the organization who are engaged in security and cyber measures, whose names I can provide, should be questioned and held accountable. Also, about 200 members of the organization, even in the high ranks, have problems and want to separate. Revealed documents, maps and information provided by former members will definitely help you in managing the problem. You will get many hidden facts by summoning key people.

In previous letters addressed to the Albanian statesmen, I mentioned many times that these people came to Albania from Iraq with fake names, because some of them committed crimes in Iran, or in Iraq in collaboration with Saddam Hussein’s regime, against the people of Iraq, especially the Kurds in the north, or even against their own members. Some were wanted by the Iraqi judicial authorities and had an arrest warrant. Among these people is Abdol-Vahab Farajinejad Jahormi, with the fake name of Ali Mostashari, who was killed in these cases, and of course, he has all these three categories of crimes in his record.

In the end, I would like to thank the esteemed government of the Republic of Albania on behalf of the bereaved and long-awaited families for the responsible action that is approved by the true defenders of human rights and social security, and once again announce the readiness of myself and other former members of the MEK to help and provide information in person or by communication in order to manage this case by the government of Albania.

Ebrahim Khodabandeh
CEO of Najat Society
June 21, 2023

Copy to:
Members of the Supreme National Security Council of Albania

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