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The Voice of Families conference was held in Tirana

The Voice of Families conference

On Friday, August 13, 1402, Asila Association held a conference titled “Voice of Families” in Tirana, Albania. The Association for the Support of Iranians living in Albania called the purpose of holding this public conference “to bring the voice of the waiting families of members of the Cult of Rajavi.”

The Voice of Families conference was held at Dora Hotel in Tirana and was welcomed by the guests. The executive director of the conference was Erisa Rahimi and the head organizer was Ella Dada.

Dashamir Mersuli, president of Asila, Aldo Solullari, media manager of Asila, Khalil Ansarian, Hamid Atabay, as well as Bijar Rahimi, a new member of Asila, who recently left the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), spoke at the conference.

The Voice of Families conference

The Voice of Families conference

The conference also had guests from Iran: Soraya Abdullahi addressed the audience online, which was very impressive. Also, two video messages from Saeed Hosseini’s mother, Masoumeh Hosseini, and Fereydoon Nedai’s mother were played for the participants. The speeches of these mothers greatly impressed the guests.

The speeches of Bijar Rahimi, who had left the MEK a few days ago, and the facts he told from inside the camp of Cult of Rajavi were shocking for the audience.

The conference lasted three hours and at the end, the final statement was read by Hamid Atabay. It was then signed by all of the attendants of the conference.

Finally, Erisa Rahimi appreciated all of the families, Nejat Society and its CEO, Ebrahim Khodabandeh, for their support to Asila. He also thanked Dashamir Mersouli, the president of Asila, on behalf of the members and families.

The film of this conference will soon be made available to the public, especially the honorable families of Nejat Society in Iran.

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