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Family of the MEK hostage assure him of their love

Brother of Hassan Shaabanpour

The website of the Mujahedin Khalq has published an article allegedly written by Hassan Shabanpour. As it is usual in the MEK propaganda system, the so-called writer of the article has condemned his family as agents of the Iranian government. Following the publication of such a letter, Hassan’s brother, KaramAli Shabanpour sent a video message to Nejat Society to denounce the tricks used by the MEK leaders in order to maintain their members in their camp.

Hassan Shaabanpour was a soldier fighting for Iran during the Iran-Iraq war when in 1988 was taken as a war prisoner by Iraqi forces. He was then kidnapped from Iraq POW camps by the MEK recruiters. Since then, he has been taken as a hostages in the MEK.

His father QanbarAli and his five siblings have made efforts during over 3 decades to visit or contact Hassan. When the MEK was located in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, the Shabanpours traveled to Iraq several times but the MEK commanders did not allow them to visit Hassan. “In response to our demands to visit our beloved brother, they threw rocks at us,” his brother says.

The family of Hassan Shabanpour kept on taking actions to find a way to contact Hassan. They have so far published several open letters to the Albanian authorities and to international human rights officials asking for aid to release their loved son from the MEK. That is why they have become a special target of the MEK’s hostility against families.

“According to what I know about my brother, the article has nothing to do with him,” says KaramAli in the video message. “Considering the organizational pressures and the unavailability of outside news, I doubt that he knows about the issues of the day. Rajavi’s mercenaries are trying to insert an article in their websites in the name of my brother. They use it as a chain on his feet, so that he does not think of leaving the organization someday. Using these tricks and deceptions, they are trying to prevent him from leaving.”

He continues, “As his brother and as the representative of his family, I declare our love and support for Hassan. The nonsense the MEK propaganda says does not prevent us from claiming our right and from loving our brother.”

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