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Letter of Mostafa Qaedi’s mother to Albanian Prime Minister

Mostafa Qaedi Mom - Montaha Zahraei

Mr. Prime Minister,
I am Montaha Zahrai; A mother who has been longing to see her son for several years. My son Mostafa Qaedi has been imprisoned in an organization called Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) for 35 years.
The MEK is based in your country, Albania. I don’t know how I can visit my child in your country, Albania. The MEk led by Maryam Rajavi does not allow my son to contact his mother. I suffered hardships and pains in the absence of my child. My son was studying at the university when he was in Iran, when the MEK tricked him to join them out of Iran and transferred him to a Camp Ashraf, Iraq and cut off his contact with me.

Who understands my pain?! The MEK brainwashes my child and has turned family into an enemy in my child’s mind. I request you to open the way to travel to Albania so that I can meet my child closely. Please, Pay attention to the words of a grieving mother.

Montaha Zahrai, Mother of Mostafa Qaedi

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