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Rajavi’s latest statement: I am not a terrorist but I am going to kill you all

Massoud Rajavi, leader of the Mojahedin-é Khalq Organisation (MKO), issued a statement from his hiding on 29th October 2007 (7th Aban 1358) which appeared on the organisation’s website "hambastegimeli" on 1st November 2007 (10th Aban 1358).  

 In his lengthy statement he has tried to encourage the US administration to launch a full-scale military attack against Iran and has also tried to provide as many excuses as possible for that purpose. He clearly complains why the Americans are in the state of "no war" with the Islamic Republic of Iran and why they don’t finish off the job.

Towards the end of his statement, Rajavi who is addressing the Iranian regime in Tehran warns them:

وعده نهايي ارتش آزادي با شما در تهران…….

"The last engagement of the Liberation Army with you is in Tehran". That is, the National Liberation Army (NLA) will fight all the way through to Tehran and topple the mullahs’ regime forcibly.

In his statement Rajavi clearly threatens anybody who is not advocating war and is opposing the regime peacefully. The title of his message of course is "War or Peace with Religious Fascism?" and Rajavi clearly emphasises that they [NLA combatants] will not give up their war with the regime.

Rajavi ends his statement by declaring that:

راه حل مريم در پايتخت شيروخورشيد پيروز ميشود……

"Maryam’s solution will win in the capital of the lion and the sun".

Maryam Rajavi has proposed that the NLA be armed and backed by the US Army in Iraq and assisted to enter Iranian territory and fight against the Iranians and move towards Tehran. She has also offered that her forces in Iraq be helped and used by the Americans to perform sabotage activities in Tehran and other major Iranian cities.

Rajavi’s statement clearly shows that by no means does he favour any peaceful solution to the Iran problem and is absolutely certain that he will use violence to reach his political goals.

Ebrahim Khodabandeh, November 11, 2007


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