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Temporal Marriage, Rajavi’s Latest Scandal

After the appearance of the first round of interviews of Sahar site with Mrs. Batool Soltani, a female member of council of leadership of MKO that has recently managed to escape Camp Ashraf, many noted the necessity of the continuation of these interviews. Now there are more than 20 episodes of these statements in Sahar site that confirms their accuracy and truthfulness. The surprising nature of her statements was anticipated yet the great extent to which they have caused surprise in readers was unexpected. She implies the fact that the extent of disclosure against the organizational activities of MKO depends on the extent of direct contact and interaction of members with the top layers of the organization. In other words, the closer the detached members to the top layers, the more shocking would be the exposé of the internal relations of the organization. The significance of her statements lies in the fact that she is the first female detached member of the organization from the highest echelon of MKO and one of the closest to the leadership. Therefore, she is an eyewitness and her statements are not but the description of her own observations in the organization.

It is evident that her statements on some aspects like the relation of Rajavi with the members of leadership cadre are so shocking for other detached members since as she asserts, even the ranks below the level of leadership cadre have not been aware of these affairs and Rajavi has insisted on secreting these information in the council of leadership. Consequently, members of a high organizational status that have been unaware of these relations appear terribly surprised. The statements of other detached members like Mr. Shahsavandi confirm the hierarchical order of MKO and its intra organizational censorship. Control of information is the common practice of Rajavi in all organizational issues. For example, what Mr. Shahsavandi knew about the trial of Ali Zarkesh as well as his own discussions with Rajavi in this regard was buried away up to his separation from the organization. This is another cultic profile of MKO reveled by many detached members like Mr. Shahsavandi and Mrs. Soltani.

Likewise, the issue of Rajavi’s temporary marriage with the female members of council of leadership has to be investigated from a cultic point of view as it is a common practice almost in all cults in which the leader has relation with female members. This is the latest news on the scandals of MKO leadership leading to numerous negative consequences. Before, many detached members as well as dissident opposition groups to MKO condemned the marriage of Masoud Rajavi with Maryam Azdanlu and considered it the result of love affair between the two while Rajavi tried to prevent its internal and external feedbacks by calling it an ideological marriage. Despite all the accusations made by MKO dissidents against Rajavi in this regard, we held out hope that this marriage was merely a solution for ending the political and ideological cul-de-sac of the organization rather than a love affair. Unfortunately, the statements of Mrs. Soltani raise our doubts in this regard.

A brief look at the past and the time when Mrs. Soltani escaped MKO and the intentional silence of Mojahedin on her first interviews refraining from confirming the news of her escape indicates that there was a rationale behind the silence of the organization. It is the common practice of the organization to take a hostile position toward any detached member (even of the lowest organizational status) and publicize a writing of the member implying that all his/her future statements against the organization would be baseless as it was practiced for Marzieh Qorsi and many more after their separation. Surprisingly enough, Mojahedin have refrained to take any position against Mrs. Soltani or accuse her abusively, why? Some reasons on this silence were elaborated on before. However, the statements of Mrs. Soltani give us a better understanding of the issue.

The silence of the organization as well as making contacts with Ms. Soltani on the part of the organization promising to prepare the ground for her to live wherever she likes with her children has its roots in the fact that the organization is well aware of the negative consequences of her escape and revelations so is making its utmost efforts to convince or tempt her to maintain silence on the secrets of the council of leadership. Undoubtedly, her statements on the temporal marriage of Rajavi with the female members of council of leadership would raise many complaints, doubts and questions like that of the marriage of Maryam and Masoud. Likewise, it is likely that Rajavi’s justifications for these marriages would be similar to that of his marriage with Maryam.

The only persons to answer the questions on this issue are Ms. Soltani and those aware of it yet taking silence due to some reasons. Therefore, Sahar site would act as a bridge between Ms. Soltani and the readers in this regard. Also, those researchers studying on cults and MKO in particular are supposed to devote a part of their efforts to this subject and publicize the results of their studies. Evidently, this was an introduction to the issue that will be followed by more specialized and detailed articles in this regard.

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