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Mojahedin forces facing a dilemma

The existing facts signify that MKO cannot possibly maintain its present organizational structure and its insistence to preserve Camp Ashraf as a whole is a strategic attempt to avert whatever destructive and repulsive effects that might affect the totality of the organization. Rajavi in his messages has repetitively focused on the preservation of Camp Ashraf as one of the strategic guideline and a duty on the opposition forces throughout the world. Regardless of its strategic significance, Camp Ashraf has to be regarded as Mojahedin’s ideological receptacle and the symbol of organizational resistance. Consequently, Mojahedin oppose to any decision of relocation of the Ashraf to other camps inside Iraq which no doubt leads to destabilization of the organization. No need to say that MKO’s expulsion and the consequent shutting down of the Camp Ashraf crucially questions the organizational survival. However, under no circumstance the leading leadership agrees to undergo any change. But, is it the same with the subordinate ranks and members?

The intensified challenges among American parties following the released report by American intelligence agencies that Iran has halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 necessitates a logical and peaceful solution to an issue which have totally disappointed MKO. Through disclosing Iran’s nuclear threat, MKO anticipated instigation of a militarist conflict between Iran and the US; it was the supposition behind Rajavi’s fixing January 2009 as the deadline for the collapse of Iranian regime and Rajavi promised that if nothing happen at the end of the deadline, all the Ashraf residents were free to stay or leave. The countdown has already started and many, including the Rajavis, are closely watching the days passing while nothing of great significance comes in sight. The least consequence will be avalanche-like break of Ashraf veterans that will split the body of the organization.

There is also a possibility that if any threat is sensed from the part of MKO, the world will come to the conclusion to exile the group to a certain location where the group will face strict limits on its levels of activities. In this case, the sole victims will be those members whom the leadership uses as scapegoats to triumph over the crises and guarantee preservation of the organization under the same hegemony. It is a proven fact that, as in many cases of the failed military and suicidal operations, the leadership decides the fate of members who are destined to pay for the terrible mistakes of inept and imposed leaders. No doubt, these members will never taste the sweetness of freedom and will be destined to pass an absolutely stagnated and disheartened life.

But a willful and logical decision will lead members onto a different path of individual and political identity that may also guarantee continuation of the course of the struggle to accomplish the intended objectives for which they had joined. It can only happen through a revolutionary move by the members that separates the body from the head since the present hegemonic domination of the head disappoints the possibility of any deliberately collective change within the organization.

The body without the head may seize the opportunity of getting help from humanitarian and international organizations to decide their own destiny. It grants the members an opportunity, after many years of indecisiveness, to make a rational decision to ask for asylum in any country they think might be appropriate to live a peaceful, normal life as free men. In contrast to the organizational instillations that whoever leaves the organization will be destined to run a passive and isolated life while carrying the stigma of being an agent of the Islamic republic for the rest of his life, the unbound members will actually regain not only their individual identity but also find the chance of reorganizing a new body lead by a capable and qualified head to instigate an idealistic and political struggle if they will. No doubt, these members will give rise to more fundamentally democratic and idealistic political activities since they carry the long experience of being witnesses to much undemocratic, nasty conducts both in the principles of struggle and inter-organizational relations.

It might be hard for the members encircled in Camp Ashraf to anticipate any better destiny for the organization since they are under non-diminishing pressure of organizational dogmatism and unaware of the political flux of the outside world. However, the truth finds its way through the walls to inform the insiders that MKO is nothing more than a defeated and overwhelmed crew in the face of the world’s political vicissitudes. The sole salvation for the body is to abandon the head that is pressing down the body deep into the mire for its own survival. Any schism in any form is more advantageous than absolute demise.


Bahar Irani, Mojahedin.ws, January 17, 2008

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