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A delegation from the British Moslem community visited the Nejat Society in Tehran

 On Monday 5 February 2008, a delegation consisting of representatives of different Moslem organisations and societies in Britain, who were busy visiting Iran, paid a visit to the Nejat (rescue) Society in Tehran. They met with Ms. Hura Shalchi, Ms. Marjan Malek, Mr. Ebrahim Khodabandeh and Mr. Jamil Bassam while some representatives from the British Embassy in Tehran as well as families of the MKO members in Ashraf Camp were present. 

The seven members of the delegation each represented a British Moslem establishment which totally covers a good deal of Moslem community in Britain. After the members of delegation heard the report of the MKO activities they emphasised that they are aware of the ideas and actions of the MKO and their so-called "Ideological Revolution" and find them contrary to the Islamic teachings. A lady lawyer from the delegation pointed out that the way the MKO treats the issue of family values is exactly the same way as deviated cults in the west do which has nothing to do with Islamic teachings.

The families present at the meeting described their accounts and that of their children and explained how it is for many years that they are unaware of the situation of their beloved ones and have no contact with them. The members of the delegation were overcome by emotions when they heard of the families’ stories so that some of them practically started crying. The members of the delegation admired the humanitarian activities of Nejat Society and wished endurance and success for the suffering families of the MKO members in Ashraf Camp. They pointed out that the MKO like all other terrorist organisations such as Al-Qaeda have no place amongst the British Moslem community and are designated as a diverted cult which is a threat for the security of the society and the family structure.  Nejat Society

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