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The Misreckoned solution for democracy

Hardly can you find a nation opposing establishment of real democracy in their country and, of course, welcome whatever efforts done by pro-democratic parties and groups to accomplish the cause. In fact, the degree of the publicity the active groups receive indicates the veracity of their claim. Although a hypocrite group might attain some success as a pro-democratic activist out of its home-country by keeping its alien supporters in dark about its most undemocratic deeds practiced at least for nearly three decades, its claims of having Iranian support as the main opposition are sheer lies.

Brian Binley, a Member of Parliament from the U.K. Conservative Party, condemns the Iranian regime to have conducted human-rights abuses and, as a lover of humanity, has searched for a solution to the Iran problem and an approach in which the Iranian people can bring about democracy by themselves. That is not a bad idea. But something seems to have gone wrong in his research or he may have not access to reliable documents and sources because in talking of an outcome of his research in Beware of Iran’s trap, he states:

It was during this search that I came across the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran and the National Council of Resistance of Iran. The situation of these opposition groups was difficult to understand due to the great deal of positive as well as negative information bandied about. However, treading carefully I reached the conclusion that these two groups not only offer a solution in bringing democracy to the people of Iran, but they are also the solution to averting a further war in the region.

It is hard to believe that Brian Binley as a Member of Parliament has come across MKO only through his research and has been unaware of its past history. However, he has to be notified that the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran and the National Council of Resistance of Iran are not two groups but one and run by the same leader; I refer him to the State Department’s list of FTO.

Mr. Binley has come to the conclusion that misinformation has been the cause to develop an untruthful recognition of MKO as a pro-democratic and legitimately popular group mainly aiming to establish democracy in Iran. Besides, here is his suggested solution for Iranian people as he has found in his research: “Search for a solution and you will find that the PMOI and the NCRI can offer the real solution to this crisis. The Iranian people supported by these opposition groups can bring about democratic change in Iran. This is a solution that we must all support.

But I have a much better suggestion for Mr. Binley to help him reach a reliable and authentic amount of information to complete his research concerning MKO; he is better to take a flight from London to Tehran and walk in the streets of the Iranian capital or any other city he likes, and have some chat with ordinary people or anybody he likes. For sure, he will burn his previously done research papers to ashes and will totally make a revision in his idea to propose MKO as founders of democracy. Mojahedin.ws-February 21, 2008

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