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Partners of MKO’s Crimes

The websites of terrorist group of MKO have quoted UK MP Brian Binley saying:

"We asked Jack Straw only two months ago to de-proscribe the NCRI and the answer was a definite ‘no’. He said they were a terrorist organization. I then asked if he could point to one incident when the National Council or the MeK harmed Western interests, and he could not give me an answer, he could not point out even one incident. And indeed I believe there aren’t any."

The major question for Mr. Binley is that "should we say a group is a terrorist group only if it has damaged the western interests?"

And more importantly: "What’s Mr. Binley’s idea about the figures and statistics of MKO terrorist operations inside Iran, provided by this group itself?"

Mr. Binley and people like him either have entered the scene of politics and the issue of Iran very late (that’s not true) or intentionally want to insist on UK’s dictatorial policy of interfering in Iran’s internal affairs! These policies only deprive Iranians from their basic rights.

According to MKO’s own documents and confessions, this group has conducted more than 12000 successful assassinations, 1000 operations, several border operations jointly with Saddam forces, several cases of torture and killing and … what’s this if it’s not terrorism?

For Mr. Binley’s, and other MKO partners’, information, we should remind that Iranian people didn’t wait for colonialists and toppled the puppet regime on February 11, 1979.

If you are seeking the repetition of history, you’re only showing your flawed understanding although this is the financial gifts of a terrorist group that shows its function in the stances of MKO’s partners and associates.


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