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Definite ‘No’ to MKO’s De-proscription

During the past few years, Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) desperately engaged all its political influence and potentialities of its associates active in different Western countries in a propagandistic warfare and lobbying efforts to have its name removed from the lists of proscribed organizations. The result? Not a single country has assented to MKO’s will because the western countries seem to be much prudent not to jeopardize their nation as well as global security.

In a recent interview with David Storobin, a New York lawyer, MP Brian Binley, who is the UK Conservative Party Member of House of Commons for Northampton South and an advocate of MKO, made it clear that they, supporters of MKO, had so far failed to convince their governments to de-proscribe MKO:

Our government and the European Union, in general, has refused to no longer proscribe the National Council. Our government has been appeasing the Mullahs. We asked Jack Straw only two months ago to de-proscribe the NCRI and the answer was a definite ‘no’. *

Asked if there has been any progress in their attempts of de-proscription he answered:

There has been some progress, but I see no evidence of support from the British government, and I haven’t heard of any support from the American government. *

*. Interview: UK MP Brian Binley – Iran’s Nukes Won’t Be Bombed

Mojahedin.ws, August 16, 2006

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