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Attacking Iran, The Only Solution for MKO

While tens of western civil humanitarian organizations, 22 physicist and nuclear scientists, political and academic figures in the US and other western countries, and even American generals are warning Bush about hiss policies on Iraq and the Middle East and his plans for possible attack on Iran, remnants of Rajavi claim that Iran’s refusal to accept US’s conditions is a defiance of world community’s requests. They also talk about "nuclear ceremony" in Iran to instigate the US to attack Iran.

In this regard, Mohammed Mohaddessin issued a statement yesterday, asking the US to adopt a firm policy against Iran and to support the terrorist group of Mojahedin-e Khalq:

"Delaying the adoption of a firm against the regime of Mullahs inspirits this reme in pursuing its nuclear program. Therefore, applying broad oil, arm, diplomatic and technological sanctions against this regime is becoming increasingly urgent. Only a firm policy against this regime’s nuclear project can save the international community and the Middle East from a humanitarian disaster."

It should be noted that the criminal gang of Rajavi is trying to pave the way for pressurizing Iran- through sanctions and preventing scientific developments by Iranians- to create internal dissatisfaction.


Irandidban –  2007/02/07

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