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Again the Ultimate Solution

Following Iran’s immediate reacted, declaring it invalid and illegal, to the UN Security Council vote to impose restrictions on Tehran if its uranium enrichment program did not halted immediately, BBC Radio, Five Live, on December 24 arranged a phone interview with Ali Safavi, a member of MKO. The interview aimed to obtain some first hand information, disappointed the reporter as Mr. Safavi had nothing to tell but unrelated answers to clear questions and the same old blathers.

For instance, when he was questioned “Where is the Tehran as far as the nuclear program is concerned? How far is Tehran in their enrichment program?”, he referred to the same previously stated claims concluding with an unrelated comment saying:

I would have to say that in order to meet the increasing threats posed by the Iranian regime not only with respect to its nuclear weapons program, but also its meddling in Iraq and its bellicose attitude to the rest of the Middle East, including in Lebanon, the ultimate solution is democratic change by the Iranian people and their organized resistance movement.

But the reporter’s immediate remark stating “That probably would be a bit of a journey before that is actually likely to happen” reminded him that the group’s “the ultimate solution” is something of the past. You might awake a sleeping man but impossible if one pretends.

mojahedin.ws –  26/12/2006

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