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former member of the MKO, appeals to the Iraqi legal authorities

Ms Batul Soltani, former member of the MKO, appeals to the Iraqi legal authorities against the organisation based in Camp Ashraf in Iraq:

Honourable Judicial Authority of the Republic of Iraq,  My name is Batul Soltani daughter of Morteza. I was born in 1965 in Iran and at the moment I live in Baghdad. I married with Mr Hosein Moradi in 1986 in Iran and then we moved to Pakistan together the same year. We were recruited by the MKO in that country and then we were ordered to go to Iraq a year later in 1987. In 1991 we were separated by the order of the organisation and had to give up our children who were sent to Europe later. At first my husband and I resisted against these demands, but being under enormous psychological pressure, we were forces to yield to their orders and eventually we were separated both from each other and then from our children.  My daughter Hajar Moradi was born in 1987 in Pakistan and my son Mi’ad Moradi was born in 1991 in Iraq. In the year 1991 while Hajar was 5 and Mi’ad was only 6 months old they were dispatched from me and sent to Europe. I was not allowed to have any contact with them. I still cannot forget the moment my daughter was badly crying when she was leaving me and I still recall the innocent face of my six months old son.  Later I learned that my daughter resided with a family in south of Sweden with the alias name of Setareh Khabbazan and she is now studying in a university in the north of that country. My son who is now known as Milad was taken from Iraq by an Iranian family to Holland and after a while was taken back by the organisation and given to another family. When this family faced some difficulties he was given to an orphan residential place. He is now living in a centre for keeping the youngsters in Holland. I have no contact with my children at all and I even don’t know if they have any idea about me. The MKO would not give me any trace of them.  While I was in Iraq the organisation did not let me have any contact with my family in Iran and hence my father who was very upset and frustrated as the result of not knowing anything about me died in sorrow. My mother in Iran is now very ill and is deeply suffering as the result of my absence for such a long time.  In 2006 I escaped from Camp Ashraf and sought refuge in the American camp called TIPF. In 14 January 2008 I left the TIPF and moved to Baghdad and I desire to go abroad now, but before doing that I wish to file my complaint against the MKO to the Iraqi legal authorities to be dealt with as soon as possible.  I wish to regain my family and also my lost identity. I want to appeal against the MKO for my father’s death, my mother’s illness, the separation of my husband as well as my two children, and the wasted 20 years of my life. The MKO and its leadership are responsible for all these miseries. I would like that the MKO be forced to yield to my just requests and give my children’s addresses and also let my husband to meet me in Baghdad. I wish to thank you for your sincere cooperation in advance. 

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