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Iraqis to stage rallies against the presence of Mojahedin

Iraqis to stage rallies against the presence of Mojahedin Khalq Terrorists (Rajavi Cult) in their country People of Khalis called for staging demonstrations against MKO terrorists. According to FNA foreign policy correspondent after issuing several resolutions against MKO by Maliki administration on June 18, Sunni people in Khalis called, through different announcements, for all Iraqis Demonstration against MKO presence in Iraq.

Khalis is a region between Karkuk and Baghdad, while only 28 kilometers away from camp Ashraf (MKO main base). The recent announcements by the people in this region for staging rallies against MKO presence in Iraq, has made the atmosphere suitable for the expulsion of this terrorist group from Iraq.

Noticeably, after the issuance of several resolutions by Maliki administration making any engagements with this group illegal and prohibited, all Iraqi as well as non-Iraqi organizations, parties and groups are strictly banned from selling goods to MKO or buying goods from them or else the offender would face the law.

Iraqi cabinet has in its latest meeting stressed expulsion of the terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization ”MKO” from Iraqi territory.

Meanwhile, A recent cabinet approval bans any engagement with the MKO by any Iraqi or foreign organization, party, institution or person inside Iraq.

It says any person dealing with the MKO "law breakers", will be treated based on the anti-terrorism rulings and will be handed over to legal authorities under the law.

It also called on all the multinational forces to stop considering themselves responsible for the MKO and cede all the checking and monitoring affairs to Iraqi authorities.The cabinet members in

their meeting also urged investigation of the judicial claims lodged against the MKO members, who have committed enormous crimes in the case of Iraqi people. Translated by Habilian

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