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Presence of Mojahedin is dangerous for Europeans

Meeting Mr. Robert Last, member of Britain foreign ministry delegation

Members of Habilian Association, in following of their meeting with members of political corps, met and talked with Mr. Robert Last and Ms. Sara Clayton on Thursday 2006-9-28. In this meeting, Mr. Mahdi Mollazadeh, official of Habilian association legal committee, after explaining aims and functions of association in one year and presenting some documents and evidences and answering to question about association’s activities, said:

“Terrorism issue and ‘speaking’ with weapons and murder and massacre of innocents to improve political goals have been exerted since victory of Iranian people in 1979 by greedy of power and without popular support groups and caused 16000 Iranian innocent citizens such as governmental officials or ordinary people were killed.

Presence of Saddam Hussein and some European country’s rules and regulations have caused that the Iranian anti-popular terrorists be under supported by them; terrorist activities have been followed by criminal leaders of terrorist groups, especially Mujahedeen-e Khalq Organization (MKO), who were and are in European countries and executed by assassination teams and squads, which have been dispatched from Camp Ashraf in Iraq.

Our people believe that should struggle with terrorism roots generally. We formed this association in order to have a share in this global struggle and help to this global movement as people, who have been hurt a lot by terrorism.

We think that when coalition forces came to region, they should have executed one of primitive and significant aims, which were declared by them, and also destroyed the terrorist bases, which were established in order to Saddam expansionist aims against neighboring countries especially Iran. Ashraf military base is a center, in where has been designed and executed a lot of crimes and a lot of people from Iran nation and Kurdish and Shiah tribes of Iraq have been killed.

Of course, we are, as children of terrorists victims, willing to open the terrorism record in Iran and we are too happy that innocent people of Camp Ashraf can join their families and hope that others people of them will can return to their country and get out of the organization’s pressure, like that more than 300 of them returned during one and two years ago.

Keeping of them in Ashraf base and especially west’s unconcern to their presence and distribution in Europe can be too dangerous for Europe’s people.

However, the group, which has been formed to assassination and murder since 40 years ago and has performed all kinds of terrorist activities, it is possible that perform what it has performed in Iran, in Europe too.

If MKO’s criminal leaders find themselves in surrounded and also their organization be in danger, so they can be dangerous for the Europe’s people. Some years ago, when their leader’s criminal and terrorist wife was arrested, they ordered to their members that set themselves on fire in order to win attentions.

Now you suppose that they perform some brutal actions like them or other actions, which are usually performed by terrorist groups, with Europe’s people; don’t they condemn the politicians, who allowed terrorists collect their group and deal with to spread violent thinks and activities in their land?

So, again your country’s people will be their victims like our people. Sometimes ago, some happen like that somebody set themselves on fire in France, happened in Camp Ashraf; when this organization is restricted, so try to win attentions by doing such crimes.

We collected more documents and evidence about type of function, operations and victims of this group that present you to refer to your authorities and officials.

Then, Mr. Robert Last expressed pleasure from this meeting and declared his regret to these terrorist activities, which happened for Iran’s people and families of association’s members by Mujahedeen-e Khalq and also added:

“Our country follows terrorism like your country and it is one of our problem; issues, which were noticed by you, were too useful for us such as list of victims and also documents and evidences about activities of terrorist groups. Both documents of their activities and their victims exactly will be significant and useful for the parts, which work in this field in England. As you know, I’m not expert in Iran issues but try to refer them to high officials and I hope have cooperation with you in future.

I think this travel, which is your first presence in Human Rights Council, can be useful for you because you had relations with different centers and especially various NGOs, which follow your opinions. I hope that never see terrorist activities neither in your country nor in other part of the world again. I am too glad to meet you and be lucky.

Habilian Association, December 2006

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