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Camp Ashraf, the Micro Model of Future Iran!

Although you may be familiar with MKO’s rhetoric and its dual face when addressing the world outside versus its strongly closed internal fort, you could be possibly taken by surprise to hear its leaders once more reiterating brazenly what they dreamed for the future Iran with not in the least belief to what they publicize. Of course, majority of the gathering hired crowed in the Paris-Nord Exhibition Hall on June 28 hardly knew what Maryam Rajavi was saying in her speech because neither had they any basic information about the organization nor were they to be under any further aegis of MKO as its supporters.

The gathering was claimed to be incorporated representatives from the Iranian exile community residing in various countries in Europe, the United States and Canada but none from Camp Ashraf whose members the organization propagate as the backbone of the Iranian Resistance against Iranian regime. Camp AshrafCamp Ashraf,the micro model of future Iran is also known to be the ideological preserver of the organization and a micro society upon which it intends to build the future Iranian society. Thus, whatever the organization suggests for Iran has to have been already tested within its miniature model of promised utopia, Camp Ashraf.

Here is what Maryam Rajavi puts forward in her speech: ‘The future Iran we are fighting for will be a society in which all Iranian citizens enjoy freedom of speech, belief, religion, clothing, and free access to information. Everyone will be equal before the law.’

Ashraf residentsIn his first organizational gathering after the initiation of the ideological revolution, Massoud Rajavi in depiction of the process to arrive at the intended utopia said: “All the discoveries are first made in a laboratory before being generalized. I hope we bring this wave to the surface of the society in the near future”. Of course, he meant his novel, unprecedented discoveries through an unconventional internal revolution that totally discarded traditional social values.

Honestly speaking, are Ashraf residents, locked up within high walls of a closely watched camp to represent an Iranian micro-society, enjoying ‘freedom of speech, belief, religion, clothing, and free access to information’? I think Maryam Rajvi knew well she was joking when she was saying these words. And I do hope the organization is removed from terror lists at least because the captured souls of Camp Ashraf will be granted the opportunity of attaining physical freedom out of a dangerous cult whose leader looks upon them as scapegoats for the accomplishment of his/her cult ambitions.

Sattar Orangi, Mojahedin.ws, June 30, 2008


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