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Iran not pleased with Polish students Mujahedin party

Iran has criticised Polish students who went to Paris last weekend to party with the Iranian People’s Mujahedin.

Saturday’s ‘party’ thrown  by the People’s Mujahedin, deemed by the USA, Canada, EU ant the Iranian government as a terrorist organisation, was attended by several thousand young Poles. They travelled to France after being offered the journey at a cost of under ten euros conditional upon taking part in an accompanying demonstration.

But Iranian Ambassador to Poland Hadi Farajvand said Thursday that the participation in the demonstration is likely to have a negative impact on the Polish-Iranian relations.

“It is very important for academia, and especially students, to cut themselves off such terrorist organisations. It is regrettable that this organisation deluded the Polish [students],” said the Ambassador.

The People’s Mujahedin of Iran is a secular, socialist organisation which aims to overthrow the Islamist Iranian government. It was accused of being behind the murder of the president and PM of Iran 1981. The organisation sided with Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran war and was accused of assisting the Iraqi republican guard in the suppression of Kurds and the Shi’a Muslims in the 1980s.

Polskieradio    July 4, 2008

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