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Bombs ticking on the US soil

Claiming to be the dissident movement seeking democratic reform in Iran, Mojahedin Khalq Organization (aka MKO, MEK, PMOI, NCRI, NLA) is listed by several nations as a terrorist organization for its atrocities against Iranian people and activities under the former Iraqi regime. Being the first of countries to put the group on the terror list, the US is commonly known to have established ambiguous relationship with MKO due to its anti-Iranian stance. However, nobody denies that the US was again the first, among other forces invading Iraq under the pretext of war on terrorism, to grant the group the protected status and to take it under its own protection.

But to grant citizenship to a number of leading terrorist members of MKO, 16 members as reported, might be a truth that hurts. Some may say that it is hard to believe even as gossip.  But, as people say, where there is smoke there is fire. It is not an issue concerning the US government to deal with and let the recognized terrorists freely in and out of the country. It is an issue of national security and no American citizen ever fancies being again eyewitness to another national tragedy even more appalling than that of 9/11.

Being trained under the most sophisticated methods of terrorism as well as enigmatic, destructive cult techniques in the safe haven of Camp Ashraf heavily protected by American themselves, MKO leading members are like time bombs that start ticking in any corner of the world where they opt to detonate. As the media have reported lately, several members of MKO were arrested in France and Switzerland on terrorist charges. Justifying the arrests for no clear reason, some officials familiar with the group’s activities claim that the arrested were sympathizers, not official members. Does it really make any difference to be a sympathizer or an official member when the instilled ideology induces to detonate a bomb, disturb the social order, or commit self-destruction? It is hard to believe that the US is giving assent to bombs ticking rampant on its soil!

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