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Maryam Rajavi’s Camp; Inside and Outside

The European base of Mujahedin Khalq Organization, near Auver sur Oise. in Cergy-Pontoise province, France, has played various roles as the MKO’s headquarters for its armed struggle against Iran, since its foundation under the confirmation of then French government, following its defeat in the partisan civil clashes, the leaders of the organization fled from Iran and the second phase of civil clashes was ordered and directed by the leader from their European base in France. The teams were controlled and directed by phone calls from Paris. The base is now where Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the executive leader of MKO is residing.

Therefore it’s another version of “Ashraf in Iraq” called as “Maryam in France”.

In 1981 when Masud Rajavi fled to France together with Abul Hussan Banisadr, the base was a small country house belonged to Saleh Rajavi, (Masud Rajavi’s older brother) that became the group’s headquarters.

Gradually, the organization bought the neighboring houses by the side of Oise River adding them to the main base after ruining the old buildings and constructing new ones. The walls became taller and were decorated by barbed wires and finally it transformed to a castle or military camp. It is worth to note that regarding the large number of French gens d’armes who protect MKO around the camp, the tall walls and barbed wires are not aimed to prevent foreigners and strangers from entering the camp but  to prevent the people captured inside the camp from leaving it. Leaving the camp for the most highranking members is only allowed under the written permission of the group’s authorities. Also leaving the camp alone (without any companion) is forbidden because the members should go out together so as the authorities could monitor them more easily.

In Auver Camp (Maryam Camp), as well as Ashraf Camp, the cult special rules are ruling. The isolated location of the cult restricts any contact with the outside world.

Following the arrival of Masud Rajavi in Iraq in 1986 and the formation of National Liberation army and establishment of Camp Ashraf, Iraq under the rule of Saddam Hussein, Camp Maryam played its role as the second headquarters which supported MKO’s military operations in Iran and controled the group’s forces in Europe.”Maryam Camp” in the Parisian suburb has always served as the group’s headquarters for 27 years and it is now working as an isolated factory which builds robots inside the organization. Therefore the base has always had a vital part for Masud Rajavi for his 5-year residence in France and also 17 years of his presence under the rule of Saddam Hussein and even now that he is disappeared the base directs the military and cult-like line of the organization.

The base in Europe has nearly the same role that camp Ashraf has in Iraq and after the fall of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship the role of Maryam base was multiplied.

Maryam Camp in France organizes the internal relations of MKO as well as its external relations and it is charged with anything committed by MKO (either in Ashraf or any other part of the world).

The duties of Maryam Base include: 

1.       The strategic headquarter of MKO for armed struggle and its military arm is NLA (National Liberation Army). The base has always used as the headquarters during the three phases of the group’s armed operations.

2.       The safe centre for the organization’s theorique and ideological elements who have the responsibility to determine the cult-like methodology of the cult for manipulation techniques used in Iraq and the West.

3.       Main political centre and the political cover of the cult: National Council of Resistance of Iran which is used for the democratic gestures of the cult and to neutralize its terrorist face.

Rajavi founded the council according to a symbolic and tactical necessity not a democratic principal. The politics are used as a mean to achieve military goals of the organization.

4.       The centre of executive headquarter of the organization in various domains such as financial, propagandistic, information and intelligence and psychological warfare … Maryam Base is the headquarters to direct MKO’s propaganda machine. The base also organizes some front organizations to do fundraising activities under the cover of false identities. …

5.       Maryam Base after Ashraf Base is the symbol of MKO’s power in its propaganda, political and diplomatic activities.

Thus Camp Ashraf in Cergy-Pontoise, France is similar to Camp Ashraf in Diala, Iraq: a geo- politic headquarters from external view and a manipulation headquarters from internal view. The both bases have definitely destructive effects on their residents and even the neighboring inhabitants.

In fact the both bases cannot survive without each other. If either of them, due to any reason, is closed, the other one will be affected immediately. Without Maryam Base in France, MKO is not able to use Ashraf Base’s forces, and without Ashraf- Iraq, Maryam – France is no more effective.

Translated by Nejat Society

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