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Is PMOI a democratic organization?

The self-assigned president of the so-called National Council Resistance (which is the political arm and the elegant admirable cover for MEK)without war and with a pen in hand wearing beautiful clothes, recently replied the Italian Newspaper ,Metro, the question on the solution to Iran problem as :

“Support the change inside Iran and by the Iranians, we believe that this is the only way to achieve democracy, free opinion and respecting the rights of minorities. We are a democratic organization.” (According to MEK’s website)

As it is referred to Iranians, they always selected what they wanted and they will absolutely make a change whenever it is needed.

As it is referred to minorities, we have witnessed in MEK how the few number of other religions were forced to change their ideology the example is Mr. Edvard Termado (who is a defector of MEK, he is Christian who was forced by the group to convert to Islam  


But about Maryam Rajavi’s word:” we are a democratic organization.” There is a question since we have been in MEK and served there we can understand what you mean by Democratic!?

The forced signatures you took from us or the forced meetings we had to attend every week to insult and beat each other. You mean the people who waist their lives in the prisons of Ashraf where under heavy physical and mental torture the opponents die. Or those who were assassinated by the terror squads and then you claimed that they died due to illness!

Your Democracy is also obvious in the testimonies of hundreds of defectors in various international communities where they denounce the way you forced mothers to leave their children or spouses to divorce, the way you destroyed the family relations. The pure democracy is shown in the ideological leaders’ order for the hysterectomy surgery on women of Ashraf! You might interpret democracy as the forbidden phone contacts between members and their families. We would be so pleased to realize your documented, clear description for this sentence:”we are a democratic organization”  

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