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What’s up in Auver Sur Oise?

MEK created a perfect garrison in the heart of Europe; they have made the French Parisian country side, Ouver Sur Oise, their headquarters to control their cult; they own over 30 phone lines and a powerful internet connection; there are houses aligned next to each other; the walls between the house have been removed so as the houses can serve as a hall in case of necessity; the complex is even equipped with rifle-pit and secret rooms; this is the place where Maryam Rajavi resides and directs her cult.

There are various teams who serve there: a team to control the members organizationally; a team to arrange foreign relations; a team to manage financial sources and money laundry. They have also formed a section for the protection of the forces; a section for controlling them and a political section.

In the eastern part, there are separate buildings which house the so-called members of the council where they get the orders of what to do and what to write. They are considered as the cult’s political and cultural arms. But when it is the turn for the more internal relations of the cult these people are called as lazy people without motivation, who should always be pushed to work.

The MEK has tried to keep the neighbors satisfied so they spent large amounts of money on gardening and decorating their houses; they have even helped the reconstruction of other buildings paying large sums to the Mayor. Of-course the satisfaction of the neighbors can not justify the existence of a terrorist cult in France. The cult has forced most of the members to stay.

Can anyone in Europe believe that there are some people who are not allowed to leave their house without permission? Can the Europeans believe that there are some people in Europe who are not allowed to get out of their house except for gathering and demonstrations? These people are living in Ouver Sur Oise. There are some supervisors who are assigned to control those who are not satisfied with the cult or who are likely to complain and also all the walls, doors and windows are always controlled by the protection guard.

All ordinary people in the camp have had no contact to the free society for years, so they can’t speak or understand French, and they are not able to solve their personal problems independently and this is one of the obstacles against their will to leave the cult. The French government is well aware of the internal structure of MEK and its cult-like practices and inhumane behavior in Ouver Sur Oise, but it hasn’t done any significant act to remove this base and even hasn’t banned their illegal activities. If the French government builds  a refugee camp ( like TIPF in Iraq) near Auver Sur Oise camp, most of the forces will leave the base ( and this is what most of the defectors wish for their ex-comrades )

But the reason that the French government hesitates to do so is simply stated by a normal French authority:” if France does so, it implies that it is itself accused of helping MEK; in Iraq the fault was on Saddam Hussein who had protected MEK for his own benefits but in France the fault will be put on the current administration that surely will not accept it.” Therefore the defectors feel a heavy responsibility to denounce the camp and the inhuman treatments inside the camp and the crimes committed by MEK leaders who hide themselves there. Maybe the French authorities will be forced to open the doors of that horrible castle.

Translation – Nejat Society

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