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Machine Making Factories: Ashraf and Auver Sur d’Oise

The experts and scientists are trying to build human-like robots that would be able to express feelings, emotions and love, meanwhile there are some people who are trying to turn human beings into robots. They definitely have to empty the individual of his feelings so as he would lose his will and individuality and then his control over his activities. In such a condition in which they commit any inhuman act to change the individual into a machine, the way is paved for further exploitation. It’s clear that some others are always ready to abuse these robot-like humans (as it’s obvious in the MEK-Israel relations)


Mental capture = psychological manipulation = Mind control = crimes against human beings 


Since the MEK found out that their bases in Iraq and France are under special focus, they have been launching further efforts to increase the number of their European bases. Maryam Rajavi’s trips to Italy, Germany and other European countries might be partly to achieve such goals.


It seems reasonable that foreign elements view the MEK as an opportunity (not an alternative), something that caused the Rajavis to remain in this illusion that the MEK appears important to West! The foreign side acts cautiously to use the MEK to pressure the regime of Tehran; between the both sides, there are the forces who have been taken as hostages by the MEK. They are the toys in the hands of Western politicians and the selfish Rajavis and if they are released of their mental and physical prisons, they will join those who criticize MEK policies, fighting the inhuman acts of the cult trying to stop the machine making factory of the Rajavis in Camp Ashraf and Auver Sur d’Oise.  

Mental capture     psychological manipulation  =   Mind control   =  crimes against human beings 

Although the number of cults mounts to a large quantity, they follow a unique regulation in their internal and external relations. According to the recent manipulation techniques, they deny the individual identity, instead they consider an organizational (cult –like) identity for the individual. The MEK try to deny their cult-like entity by attacking the others!


They claim it as a label and can not accept the fact that they represent a cult; however they have to work according to their cult-like regulations. They continually chant the slogan:”contradiction is not tolerated.” The Stalinism of Rajavi and his cult-like machiavelism does not prevent the defection of a lot of members.


Given the facts around MEK nature, does the foreign element receive Maryam Rajavi? Does he ever ask about the violation of basic human rights in MKO? Do they ever ask Maryam Rajavi why she ordered the hysterectomy surgery on women? Do they ever ask the Rajavis according to which rules the marriage is forbidden in MKO? Do the European parliamentarians who claim to be democratic, ask Mrs. Rajavi about the catastrophic situation of children of MEK members? It was better to ask her, while she was visiting Holocaust museum, why she came to such a museum despite her participation in the massacre of Kurdish Iraqis? Is there any other definition for the instrumental abuse? 

Davood – London

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