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A terrorist camp at the heart of Europe

Camp Ashraf has recently attracted the attention of the world due to the presence of MKO members therein. Years after its allocation to Mojahedin by Saddam, now it has grown to be one of the main challenges posed to the Iraqi government and people. Generally known as a heavily protected military citadel in the midst of a desolate desert, Mojahedin are making a vain attempt to homologize it to a city since it avails some facilities people need to live in any commune. However, the significance of Camp is pertained to individuals living inside it and their relations with the world outside rather than its structure and appearance. Despite numerous writings on the substantial differences between Camp Ashraf and other cities, it seems that its real nature has been concealed to the eyes of the outsiders or it may be subject to a deliberate negligence due to the propaganda blitz of Mojahedin as well as the type of their relations with Iraqi people and the European sympathizers.

But the story of Camp Ashraf and its significance as the main abode of Mojahedin does not end here. It continues just a few hundred miles over there in the heart of Europe on the green banks of the Oise in France. Although Mojahedin refrain to release information on their dwelling in Val d’Oise, the statements made by many MKO former members living there implies that Mojahedin have managed to build another Camp Ashraf in France.

DST (France’s Direction for the Surveillance of the Territory) broke into the headquarters of MKO in June 17, 2003 and seized almost 200 parabolic antennas and a hundred computers, radio scanners tuned to police frequencies and a fortune in dollars that were considered illegal in France. The existing condition of Mojahedin now on the brink of being expelled from Iraq, maintained on the global terrorist lists, their failure to secure refugee status in other countries, as well as their widespread campaign and organized rallies in Geneva necessitate a more in-depth study of Auvers-Sur-Oise, the small town that houses a dormant terrorist organization and an active cult of personality. 

Nobody ever thought Ashraf in Iraq the HQs in Auvers-Sur-Oise would become the cultic bastion of Mojahedin. In order to depict a clear picture of Mojahedin dwelling in France we need a source of information. The lack of information in this regard means that Mojahedin aim at keeping it as a confidential issue not to be unveiled by outsiders. The use of modern security and controlling systems therein, forcing some members live there for many years as well as the type of relation it has with the world outside banning the free presence of interviewers and reporters may remind us of the measures taken in Iraq in Camp Ashraf. In addition, Mojahedin try to gain the confidence of their neighbors and the local officials by participating in social services in the region and providing monetary support for its residents; much the same as what has been accomplished in the surrounding areas of Camp Ashraf in Iraq. 

These activities suggest that Mojahedin have access to sufficient funds by which they have managed to run propaganda and cultic projects in camp Ashraf as well as in Auvers-sur-Oise. Mojahedin are well aware that they need greater security in Auvers-sur-Oise in comparison to that of Camp Ashraf due to their June 17th dossier in France and the watchful control of France police on their activities. Therefore, it is predicted that Mojahedin in France would follow the same route they do in Iraq.

Despite the Iraqi government has repeatedly asked Mojahedin to quit the Iraqi soil, they have rejected so far since they believe to be legitimized landlords of a piece of land entrusted to them by an illegitimate, self appointed ruler. Likewise, it is highly probable that Mojahedin take the same route in France and avoid deserting their headquarters in Auvers-Sur-Oise. In addition, they may also transfer some of their qualified members from Camp Ashraf to Auvers-Sur-Oise illegally as practiced before but ignored by officials. Whatever the reason for this negligence, it seems that Auvers-Sur-Oise is a suitable alternative for Camp Ashraf.  

Just as Saddam is now blamed for supporting and giving refuge to a notorious cultic organization, in the near future the France government may be subject to the same accusation. However, there is a great difference between the two. Saddam was a notorious dictator himself and could be best known by the company it kept, hardly it can be said that he was unfamiliar with the real terrorist nature of MKO. France on the other hand is well known for developing the embryo of democracy and can plainly distinguish false, pretentious claims of pro-democracy. Therefore, France bears a heavier responsibility if it is beguiled by a handful of disreputable cultist whose ideology is intertwined with violence and terrorism. The Europe in the past has had enough of terrorist nightmare to let more germs of terrorism grow on its soil. But the question is why it procrastinates to deal with the dynamite that might suddenly explode next to its heart. Of course, we hope that the France government has taken precautionary measures to prevent the occurrence of tragic events whose sole victims are innocent civilians.

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