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Grinches among Canadian politician

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Canadian politician Grinches

There are a few Canadian politician such as Mrs. Folco, Quebec MP, and David Gilmour , former MPs who consistently are supporting Mojahedin Khalgh, MKO an undemocratic cult and warmongers who are in alignment with neo cons . While the Neo cons policy has failed in at cost of hundred thousands of Innocent Iraqis it is a shame theses two Canadian politician supporting such a group.

Mrs. Folco and David Kilgour looks are getting paid by the banned organization in return for the support of the Mojahedin dictator<< Maryam rajavi leader who was illegally appointed by her husband as the president of Iran in 1994 . since we had requested from those to present the facts proving Mojaheidn are pro democracy which they failed to provide that makes it more strong the support is political not humanitarian as they claim.

We suggested them If you have any doubt on the popularity and legitimacy of MKO you can make an inquiry from Canadian Intelligent services and Canadian embassy in Teheran.

Mrs. Folco

Mr. Kilgour

It is Christmas time .

If you care about humanity and human rights then why you do not try to transfer some of the younger Mojahedin who are willing to leave Ashraf , to Canada instead of demanding a legitimate government such as Iraq to keep the Mojahedin who were part of Sadam Hussein ‘s brutal security services.

If you are telling the truth then you can bring some of those young victims who are not engaged in terrorist or military operation such as Somaye Mohammadi who was taken away from to US and while she had Immigrants status.

When the parliament will resume we will take legal action against Mrs. Folco who are violating ethical code of parliament .

Also, we request The minister of Security to shed light on any funding may have been contributed to Folco and David Kigour campaign and offices in exchange for their support and lobbying the fascist organization in which is violation of Canadian criminal code.

Folco and Kilgour can not sell Canadian soldiers to a fascist group because MKO claiming they are freedom fighters . Mojahedin and Iranian Government are both two sides of a coin while Mojahedin are loathed by so many Iranian . Also, Mko are isolated among of the new Iranian generation inside and .

However , to us you look as Grinches who want to deter peace in the Middle East by supporting a brutal and undemocratic organization such as Mojahedin.

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