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Open Letter to The President of the Council of Europe

Open Letter to Mr. Mirek Topolánek, President of the Council of Europe

Honorable President of the European Council, Mr. Mirek Topolánek,


We have the honor to inform you that we, the separated members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) who have taken shelter in the European states, have been informed by authentic sources that the European Council will consider and verify the terrorist groups’ list very soon. As far as we know, the European Council intends to remove the name of the PMOI from the present terrorist list as indexed. Whereas, we, the former members of this organization are the direct and ipso facto victims of this cult’s terrorist and cultic activities, so that we have witnessed the crimes of this cult. Therefore, we feel responsibility and it is our human duty to express our humane views in the framework of the democratic regulations of the European Council regarding accurate and effective decision-making with the intention of serving and helping the states of Europe and human beings, in particular, the victims and the caged captives of the Ashraf Garrison in Iraq.


1- We, the emancipated victims of the Mojahedin cult will be pleased and appreciative as we admire Europe’s honest representatives, if the elimination of this sect from the terrorist groups’ list will result in the emancipation and freedom of the incarcerated victims of this cult in the Ashraf Garrison in Iraq. As a result, the locked gate of Ashraf Garrison can be breached and opened for the locked up victims so that the innocent victims can have the right and opportunity to leave Ashraf Garrison and settle down in the European states. Undoubtedly, such an effective step via the European Council can accelerate the rising trend of the eradication of this cult. Subsequently, we, the separated members and the public opinion of the West will welcome the European Council’s decision.


2- We, the liberated victims of this cult declare our opposition versus any political deal and action, which means that this cult shouldn’t be used as a political tool by Europe in the regional balance of power. As a result of such policy, the leaders and key officials of this cult are allowed to have opportunities and facilities such as free trips with the intention of achieving their cultic and terrorist purposes in European countries. Without any doubt, we, the emancipated victims of this cult are the prime victims of such political deals whose lives are at the direct and short range targets of terrorists via this cult in the European states. Meanwhile, the Mojahedin’s cult leadership takes advantage of such conditions to prolong the present impasse situation in Ashraf Garrison in Iraq to confine over three thousand innocent victims in custody in Ashraf Garrison.


Yours truly


The accessible signatories:









Pers et Avenir association, Paris, January 14, 2009

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