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The Third View on MKO during 2007

The Third View on MKO during 2007

Many Roads to Serfdom

Paul shedon Foote

The Necessity of MKO’s Expulsion from Iraq

Sot alIraq

MEK in Iran-Iraq Security Talks


Deceived Liberal MPs continue to express support for terrorist group

Western Standard

Anne Singleton interview with Lorrain Kelly on GMTV


Iraqi Official and Terrorist Logic

Sot alIraq

Comment on Claims

Paul shedon Foote

MKO, Sectarian Terrorist Organization

By: Sot alIraq

European Deputy dances with Terrorists


Bipartisan Members of Congress File Brief

Paul shedon Foote

Iran Says Nuclear Spy Arrested


The danger of Bush’s anti-Iran fatwa

Juan Cole

Time to Expel MKO From Iraq

Sot alIraq

Mojahedin a bargaining chip

BBC 2- News Night program

High Court Denies MKO’s Appeal

Los Angeles Times

Mojahedin Assets still frozen in EU and UK


The BBC television program on the Communist MEK

Paul sheldon Foote

Mojahedin Assets still frozen in EU and UK


Financing terrorists is not about speech

Los Angeles Times

Adnan Al-Dulaimi, The Master of Civil Wars

Sot alIraq

Iran, the MKO and Freedom

Colin Cascia

US using opposition group to track Iranian influence networks in Iraq

Gulf News

My years of slavery with the terrorists

Yorkshire post

Iranian People Don’t Want MEK says Thomas Pickering


Traitors’ Game in Iraq

Sot alIraq

Scott Ritter’s Views on MKO


Terrorism Isn’t Freedom Of Speech

Town Hall

How Not to Handle the Facts

Danny Postel

Iraqi people will put Rajavi on trial

BBC Monitoring Middle East

Anne Singleton Interview with BBC Yorkshire Radio Leeds

BBC Yorkshire, Radio Leeds

US sponsored terrorism? Let’s hope not!

Larisa Alexandrovna

On Cheney, Rumsfeld order

Larisa Alexandrovna

Scooter Libby and World War III

Justin Raimondo

I am a trained Islamic terrorist

The Sun

The EU-wide asset freeze against MeK is therefore still in force

House of Lords

Iraq Intensifies Efforts to Expel Iranian Group

Washington Post

Can the Rajavi Cult Dupe Progressives?

Paul sheldon Foote

LK Today program on GMTV (England)


US Senate’s plan to”divide”Iraq against will of people

BBC Monitoring Middle East

U.S. protects Iranian opposition group in Iraq


Bush Hypocrisy?

Richard Buchanan

US Forces Attack Mojahedin Khalq Supporter in Baghdad

Brutha News

CNN: US backing Iran’s Mujahedeen Khalq rebels

Bill Weinberg

MKO Rides Terror Boat

Brutha News

UN and Iraq Cooperate to Expel the MKO

Sot alIraq

Tangled Webs

Ken Silverstein

PMOI is no democratic group

European Voice

Support for MKO? Expect Disaster!

Sot alIraq

Ashraf, An Iraqi City?

Sot alIraq

Bush’s Terrorist Allies

Gareth Johnson

Dick Cheney is legally bound by the U.S Constitution

Dennis Kucinich

Washington’s Covert War inside Iran

Gregory Elich

Why the MKO Doesn’t Leave Our Land?

Sot alIraq

BBC on the Mujahedin-e-Khalq


Dealing on the MKO?

website of CFR reported by IranDidban

Iranian Resistance Group Challenges EU Terror Listing


America’s Covert Terror War Against Iran

Ed strong

Iran criticizes Western war against terrorism

Deutche Presse

MOSSAD, Mojahedin Khalq, Fox News

Paul sheldon Foote

Mojahedin-e Khalq Must Be Expelled

Sot alIraq

US military does not support terrorist Mojahedin Khalq


Why does the Iran Policy Committee employ a former CIA employee?

Paul sheldon Foote

Iran Policy Committee Exposed

Paul sheldon Foote

In Iranian Friend of the Neocons

Niall Stanage

Why Iraqi Gov. Hesitates to Act Resolutely

Al-Bayenah al-Jadida

EU’s Secret Documents Against Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (Rajavi cult)

The Observor

How CIA funds various organizations in regions of crisis?

Junge Welt

Support for MKO? Expect Disaster!

Sot alIraq

Invitation to Seminar (Paris, 17th June 2007)

Association for the protection of Iranian Immigrants

Adnan, Al-Alyan and Alaani Cry for MKO!

Sot alIraq

Anniversary of Raid on a Sect

The Observor

Proscribed terrorist MKO attack the Seminar on”Cults and Violence”in Paris 1333

Association for the protection of Iranian Immigrants

Iran Policy Committee: Lobbyists for the Rajavi Cult?

Paul sheldon Foote

Iranian Woman Vs. MKO in French Court

Associated Press

What makes a terrorist?


Iran is America’s best hope for stability in the Gulf

Financial Times

Two Agendas: Why Iran, U.S. Stand Far Apart

Wall Street Journal

MKO would remain a proscribed organisation


Supporting Terrorists


Iranian group in Iraq ‘threat to security’

Gulf News

I escaped a terrorist cult

Woman Magazine

Iranian opposition in exile rallies to denounce EU decision to keep it on terror list

Associated Press

Iraq-Iran Parliaments Agree on MKO

Dejlah Radio

Associated Press and the Rajavi Cult

Paul sheldon Foote

Adnan, Al-Alyan and Alaani Cry for MKO!

Sot alIraq

MKO-Pezhak Establish Military Cooperation

Wa’ News Agency

Political Action Committee Contributions to PMOI Terrorist Supporters

Paul sheldon Foote

Traffic From and To MKO’s Camp Banned

Brutha News

FOX News Deliberate Misinformation

News Hounds

Bulgaria Sends Fourth Unit to Ashraf Camp

Bulgaria News Agency

Prospects of Armageddon


Breaking The Ties that bind

neha gandhi, CBC Television,

MKO’s Case in New Judicial Phase

Aswat al-Iraq


Tom Scotney

US openly supports proscribed terrorist groups while accusing Iran


Filner Duped Truthout

Paul sheldon Foote

The neocons’ unholy alliance

Paul sheldon Foote

Fox News Channel: Communist Terrorist Television for Dupes

Paul sheldon Foote

Mojahedin Khalq the US-backed Terrorists

Le Monde


Pepe Escobar

Terrorism Awareness Indeed

Rick Perlstein

Mojahedin Khalq exposed on French TV

French 24TV

Woman brainwashed into staying at guerrilla camp

National Post

Raymond Tanter turns out his wife to please a cult


Professor Paul Sheldon Foote visit to the British Parliament

Iran Interlink

The UK adopts a cautious approach in de-proscription of MKO

Los Angeles Times

Iran moves to pull a troublesome thorn

Asia Times

Missed Opportunities: CNN’s

Paul sheldon Foote

Mojahedin Khalq terrorists the sources that America uses it in its allegations against Iran

Los Angeles Times

Saker interview with Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


Gordon Brown: No evidence that MKO has given up terrorism

House of COMMONS

The issue of Terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organisation would be included in the Iran-US talks on Iraq

Asia-Pacific News Agencies

McCormack :the MEK, is considered a terrorist organization

Daily Press Briefing

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