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How CIA funds various organizations in regions of crisis?

American daily media have always and regularly asked which countries are really sponsoring terror groups to slaughter or kill the soldiers or civilians of other countries. Which states are paving the way for terrorist organizations in order to create chaos, kill people and cause hostility and division among different ethnic groups of the nations? Regularly in the United States Iran and Syria and rarely Saudi Arabia are considered as terrorism sponsors. They are blamed due to their support for Hezbullah in Lebanon and Hamas in occupied areas.

 A state which have been always forgotten by the media to be viewed as terrorism sponsor is America itself. “The exception determine the rules” what Sunday Telegraph reported on Feb 25th,2007 as US is sponsoring Iranian terrorist forces to create unrest inside Iran.

On March 17th,Global Report which is published in Northern Caroline reported that US is secretly funding groups including MEK [Mujahedin-e-Khalq] as terrorist opposition against Iran in Iraq. The group is only one of the groups funded by the dirty clandestine money of CIA. Mujahedin Khalq is officially listed as a foreign Terrorist Organization by Department of States but this is not notified in the list that the group is one of the US’s allies against Iranian regime.

Millions of non- Persian minority have been together in Iran since several centuries and now they are against Islamic regime. The biggest minority is Arabs of Ahvaz which is consisted of sixteen million people, twenty-five percent of Iranian residents. Like Turkey and Iraq, there are also millions of Kurds living in Iran. And a million of Baluchi people who are mostly living near Pakistani borders. The majority of Baluchies are Sunnis who are supporting Jundallah, a nationalist movement, which high jacked and killed eight Iranian Soldiers in 2006.

Global Report quoted John Pike, the chief of Global Security think tank that these actions are directly linked to CIA. Following such reports and articles, Washington DC think tanks are now pondering if they can unleash MEK. This is a step which results in unanticipated consequences of which the responsibles are those who want to establish “Stability” in the Middle East. Along with the fact that several Iranians lost their lives due to these terrorist actions covered by CIA, there is a simple fact that one is concerned about and that is that the current American administration is repeating its stupid deals. The US backed Afghani Jihadist against Soviet Union for decades. Later a part of Afghani Jihadist, Allah fighters, created Taliban in Alqadir. In comparison US is now sponsoring oppositions against Tehran. The dissident groups, in case of US and Israel invasion, could simultaneously cause the largest psychological disaster to the nation.

The objective is to threat Iranian government to change its nuclear policies. If the US backs terrorism this way, George Bush is consequently ordering the attack to his own country.

Junge welt-German Magazine      Translation: Nejat Society

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