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Hidden sources of MKO funds revealed

Qorban Ali Husseini Nezhad, a former high ranking member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) on foreign affairs escaped the group after 30 years of organizational membership. Mr. Qorban Ali Husseini Nezhad, a former high ranking member of the Mujahedin Khalq OrganizationHusseini Nezhad declared his defection from the MKO after he ran away from Temporary Transit Location (Camp Liberty) on Wednesday April25, 2012. It is worth mentioning that he had been terribly condemned by Massoud Rajavi in the group’s brainwashing meetings because he had written a criticizing paper against Massoud. Massoud in his turn accused him of distributing announcements against the organization. And this was a crime, according to Rajavi!!!
Mr. Husseini Nezhad declares his separation from the MKO in a letter:

I am Qorban Ali Husseini Nezhad, nicknamed Qolam in the MKO. I declare my defection from the traitor criminal Cult of Rajavi known as Mujahedin Khalq Organization. As a top Arabic interpreter, I was in fact imprisoned in the cult for over 30 years.

I used to translate all the MKO’s books, journals, announcements, letters, statements and websites to Arabic, and to teach many others in my field. I have a long record of involvement with the MKO as a sympathizer, activist and an exiled member. When I saw the MKO’s deviation from true Islam and the first founders’ ideals of 40 years ago, I decided to leave the group. I attempted to escape the organizational prison of the cult several times inside Iran, abroad and even when I was kept in Ashraf garrison in Iraq but because of the severe oppressive control over the members and my family problems I couldn’t leave it. Finally, at mid-day of Wednesday April25, 2011 I succeeded to leave the cult by the help of human rights monitoring delegation of UNAMI who were visiting Camp liberty. They could break through serious supervision and intelligence control by the cult leaders over Camp Ashraf and Liberty.

In the early days of Iranian Revolution, I didn’t admit to the call by some of my friends and ex-commanders in Shah’s prison who urged me to professionally join the MKO. Instead, I cooperated with transitional government of Mehdi Bazargan so I became the governor of my town (Mianeh in North Western of Iran). I opposed the MKO riot and crisis mongering actions. I declared my independence candidacy for the first parliament election after the revolution. All religious intellectuals and even the MKO supported my candidacy in my town. I failed to be elected in the parliament.

So I got back to my own job as a teacher in Karaj.

In the summer of 1981, the MKO had created a horrible condition in Iran, committing acts of terror. The authorities of the MKO urged me to go into hiding. So I entered the organization. They sent me and my wife and my only child abroad. I worked for the MKO in Europe for a few years and then they sent me and my family to Iraq in 1987 after the group leadership moved to Iraq.
In Iraq, I worked for the cult for over twenty years. I was the assistant of a battalion commander – although I haven’t accepted the so-called ideological revolution. I was working as an interpreter and because of my job, I witnessed Rajavi’s services and spying acts for Saddam Hussein and his regime and even for American occupiers.

Rajavi’s entire leadership structure was a part of Iraqi intelligence service and his so-called National Liberation army (NLA) was a part of Iraqi military. In his last visit with Saddam Hussein in August 2000, he asked Hussein to increase his oil share up to 100 thousand barrels a day (3 million barrels a month), according to the documents and letters I translated or reports composed by his closest comrades that I was able to read. Rajavi received his oil share in coupons which were then sent to Europe to be changed into dollars. Rajavi’s quota from Iraqi oil was 50 to 70 thousand barrels before the visit. This amount was not included in many other million barrels of oil that was offered to him out of oil for food program.
This is the multi-million financial source of the MKO. Rajavi has invested these large amounts in Western countries under the cover of front companies. Today the outcomes of such investment are spent for Maryam’s expenses in her Parisian Palace and her various fashionable clothes, as well as the group’s conferences and luxurious parties in Europe and the US. The money is also used to pay their speakers including former American intelligence, military and security officials. The MKO also spends it to buy lobbying firms and to run expensive advertisements in American, Iraqi and European newspapers as well as their TV channels.

They have bought thousands of Western attorneys and dozens of Iraqi mercenaries in order to maintain their hostages in their cult and to prevent the collapse of the cult. They spent their money to suppress, torture, kill and ruin the lives of a large number of youth of the Iranian nation and to beg United States to delist them. “Their overthrow Strategy is stuck behind the list”!

As we see, Rajavi’s claims of Iranians’ financial support for the group and all his tricks in fundraising programs are shallow and just like a cover to hide the oil resources they plundered from Iraqi people; like a justification to whiten their multi-million operating cost. Besides, they received dozens of thousands of arms and thousands of tons of munitions from Iraq. A few months before the American invasion in 2003, they took their oil quota for the next 6 months (18 million barrels) in advance due to the probability of American invasion .After the invasion they handed the arms and munitions to American occupiers.

After the fall of Saddam as I was a translator I closely witnessed the MKO’s systematic intervention in Iraqi affairs and their spying acts in side of American forces against Iraqi people aiming to maintain their cult in Iraq. I eye witnessed preparation and translation of a large number of fake statements, letters, speeches, interviews with so-called Iraqi tribe leaders, authorities and communities.

Some people were paid to sign the so-called letters and fill out the so-called forms millions of times! They made efforts to instigate crisis and division among ethnic groups and political parties in Iraq particularly in Diala Province where Camp Ashraf was located. Ultimatey they failed in their extended campaign to overthrow the Iraqi government!
They formed an operation chamber for Iraqi election in order to influence the election result.

Inside the cult, suppression and excessive control over members, their relation and even their thoughts were increased. Daily criticism meetings and weekly sexual torture meeting were held to brainwash the members.

Two individuals were forbidden to talk to each other. They were totally isolated, cut from the outside world, deprived from any contact with family, friends and even media. Members were imprisoned inside units. I myself was imprisoned in a prison called “Exit” because I had individually talked to Iraqis. I was accused of immoral acts that I will explain in details in my further interviews.

After I left Camp liberty, I visited Mr. Kobler, UN special representative in Iraq. I described the conditions at camp Liberty where the group leaders created another “Ashraf”. There, they have started their strict supervision system, they continued brainwashing sessions. I told Mr. Kobler that most members were willing to leave the cult. I asked him to facilitate necessary possibilities for their exit from TTL. Mr. Kobler promised to pursue their case, saying that my testimonies confirmed what other former members of the MKO have revealed about the group.

I send congratulations to all survivors released from the terrorist inhumane cult of Rajavi.

I ask my other colleagues who left the group to denounce it in a united challenging effort by the help of media, Iraqi government and international bodies, particularly UNAMI in order to release our imprisoned brothers and sisters in the cult of Rajavi.

Translated by Nejat Society

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