The Third View on MKO during 2008

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TheThird View on MKO during 2008




Iran’s Nuclear Program Never Existed


New America Media, News Analysis, William O. Beeman

Re: Letter from Mr. Paulo Casaca, MEP, to the Canadian Government  


Centre for Thought, Dialogue and Human Rights in Iran “ Toronto (CTDHR),

Britain accused of failing to outlaw banned terror groups


The Time

Richard Beeston, Diplomatic Editor of The Times, and Zahid Hussain

Symposium on Terrorism in Iraq

Centre for International and Inter-governmental Studies of the University of Baghdad

Javad Firuzmand interviewed by Mehrdad Farahmand


BBC Persian

Key figures in the Israel lobbies support a terrorist group that has fired on US troops  


Danny Postel

Massoud Khodabandeh replies and "Alseyassah" explains  



Four Mojahedin-e Khalq combatants arrested in Iraq


SINAN SALAHEDDIN, The Associated Press

British Government fights to keep ban on main Iranian opposition group (MKO)


Clare Dyer, legal editor The Guardian

CIA budget to supply and train MKO(Proscribed as a terrorist organisation in US!) in Iraq


Daily Telegraph

The Irony of ‘Appeasement’


Diary Entry by Dan Alba

POLITICS: Iran Nuke Laptop Data Came from Terror Group  


By Gareth Porter-IPS

The presence of MKO terrorists prohibited by Iraqi constitution  


By Tina Susman and Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

Raymond Tanter’s Quest to Free Iran


Will Sommer – georgetownvoice

Bush,Iran and Bomb


Eric Laurent

Nazi Biglari’s interview with Rayan Crocker  



UNHCR deplores refugee expulsion by Turkey which resulted in four deaths


UNHCR Press Releases

MKO terrorist organisation predicts …


George Arnold, The Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Terror Most Imperial


Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Iran Busts CIA-Backed Terror Group


Paul Joseph Wattson-Prison Planet

MKO cries wolf again over Camp Ashraf


Media With Conscience – Dan Alba

Anniversary of Raid on a Sect


The Observor

Spy-Agents of An EP Intergroup



Atlas of Radical Islam


Xavier Rauf

Iraqis demand US hands over control of MKO terrorist base  



Mojahedin Khalq Leader on trial in USA


Associated Press

Mujahedin Khalq out of Iraq, into Britain


Francis Elliott, Deputy Political Editor –The Time

Britain’s Immoral Support of Terrorists  


Paul shedon Foote

IPC: Terrorist Financial Involvement


Paul shedon Foote

US funding anti-Iran terror groups



Military action ‘would destabilise Iraq’


Patrick Cockburn-The Independent

MKO provokes violence in Iraq  


Voice of Iraq

Crown makes its case against Iranian refugee


Vancouver Sun

Iranian widow must go to trial in NY


Associated Press

How Obama Could Tame Iran


News week

The Risk of a US-Iran Proxy War



America Is Already Committing Acts of War Against Iran  


Scott Ritter

PMOI obstacle to peace



MKO Terrorists Driving American Foreign Policy


Constance Tanter

CIA actively supporting Mojahedin Khalq Terrorists


George Arnold

The lies of Hiroshima live on



The issues of PMOI and mass graves.  


Voice of Iraq

IPC: Pentagon or Terrorist Funding?  


Paul shedon Foote

Iran mulls repatriation for MKO members  


BBC Monitoring

Iraq Expels Anti-Iranian Group

So What to Do with Those Mujahedin Terrorists?


Washington Times

The secretary of US embassy exposed PMOI leadership

Fars News Agency-The Second secretary of US embassy

PMOI Members are no ‘freedom fighters’


Tobias Pflüger

Holy Fighters in the Sidewalk



German Greens say no to Mojahedin Khalq


Press TV 

Italy considers PMOI as terrorist Group



MKO implicated in AMIA bombing


The Canadian Jewish News

Iraq says Iranian opposition exiles must leave  



Iraq vows to expel Iranian opposition group



Iraq Threatens to Expel Iranian Rebels


Washington Post

Unpardonable Neoconservative Treason


Paul shedon Foote

 Baghdad not willing to give shelter to   MKO


George Malbrunot, special Le Figaro correspondent

Iraq to take over security control at Iranian opposition camp



Iraq seeks departure of Iranian opposition exiles


Reuters News

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