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Why does the Iran Policy Committee employ a former CIA employee?

Why does the Iran Policy Committee employ a former CIA employee, former military officers, and Professor Raymond Tanter? Professor Sheldon Foote: Why does the Iran Policy Committee employ a former CIA employee, former military officers, and Professor Raymond Tanter?


Traitors USA, May 27, 2007

From: Paul Sheldon Foote [mailto:pfoote@cox.net]

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To: Greg Jaffe (greg.jaffe@wsj.com)

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Subject: FW: WSJ.com – Historian Reflects On War and Valor And a Son’s Death


Historian Reflects

On War and Valor

And a Son’s Death

Andrew Bacevich Opposed

Iraq Conflict but, in Grief,

He Still Believes in Serving


May 26, 2007; Page A1, The Wall Street Journal

As a historian and former soldier, he takes clear-cut lessons from the check, his son’s death and the broader war. "When you use force, the unintended consequences that result are so large and the surprises so enormous that it really reaffirms the ancient wisdom to which we once adhered — namely, to see force as something to be used only as a last resort." In the future, he says, historians will wonder how a country such as the U.S. ever came to see military force as "such a flexible, efficient, cost-effective and supposedly useful instrument."

For a father, the lessons are far less clear-cut. When he was writing against the war, which was often, he told himself he was doing the best he could to end the conflict.

Should he have told his son not to volunteer for such a war? "I believe in service to country. I believe soldiering is an honorable profession. There is no clear right and wrong here," he says. "What I tried to do was inadequate."

Write to Greg Jaffe at greg.jaffe@wsj.com1



As a Vietnam War veteran and volunteer myself and an opponent of the Iraq War, my view is that there is very clear right and wrong with the Iraq War.

In September 2002, President George W. Bush spoke at the United Nations against Saddam Hussein. The White House distributed a background paper listing three Saddam Hussein-supported terrorist organizations as pretexts for going to war with Iraq. One of the three terrorist organizations is the Iranian Communist MEK (MKO, PMOI, Rajavi Cult, or Pol Pot of Iran). The MEK has murdered large numbers of Iranian and Iraqi civilians, American military officers, and Rockwell International employees. The MEK has been on the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations since the administration of former President Bill Clinton.

In 2003, American and coalition forces attacked Camp Ashraf, Iraq, killing some of the MEK. Since then, American and Bulgarian forces have been protecting America’s Marxist enemies. Some posted reports and comments on the Fox News Channel have suggested that the American government is using the MEK for terrorist activities inside Iran today. The Wall Street Journal has promoted the views of MEK leaders and of their neoconservative (neo-Trotskyite) supporters.

Hundreds of members of Congress (Democrats and Republicans) have signed statements of support for the MEK. Many members of Congress have accepted campaign contributions from MEK supporters.

After former Secretary of State Colin Powell insisted upon the closing of the office of the MEK’s National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in the National Press Building in Washington, DC, the Fox News Channel retained Alireza Jafarzadeh as a foreign affairs analyst.

The Iran Policy Committee supports the Iranian Communist MEK:

Are there any honest American historians or journalists exposing the funding and activities of the Iran Policy Committee? Why does the Iran Policy Committee employ a former CIA employee, former military officers, and Professor Raymond Tanter?


For years, many writers at many Web sites have been exposing the MEK. To name only a few examples (my apologies to the many other fine writers not listed):

Justin Raimondo, Antiwar.com


Carol Moore, several Web sites


Anne Singleton, Iran-Interlink


Soraya Ulrich, many articles posted at many Web sites

Barry O’Connell, blogs and Web sites

Instead of relying upon the Fox News Channel and other major American television media, The Wall Street Journal and other major American newspapers, or evening comedy shows, the most casual researchers on the Internet can discover easily the truth about why the neoconservatives (neo-Trotskyites) want endless wars.

While I am a professor myself, one does not need to be a professor who knows that if you read only sources supporting your prior beliefs that you will make major research blunders.

The following books are examples of books even the most casual researcher should have found:

Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time (Hardcover)

by Carroll Quigley

Former President Bill Clinton took a course with Professor Quigley. I leave it to readers to discover how little or how much history Clinton learned from the course.

A similar, shorter book is:

The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline

by James Perloff

America the Virtuous: The Crisis of Democracy and the Quest for Empire

by Claes Ryn

Professor Ryn exposed the lies of the neoconservatives about exporting democracy.

None Dare Call It Treason – 25 Years Later

by John A. Stormer

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

by Anthony Cyril Sutton

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

by Anthony Cyril Sutton

As a Vietnam War veteran who volunteered to serve in Vietnam, I learned from history that many of America’s worst enemies are Americans. No American who has done any reasonable research would volunteer to serve in Iraq today in order to enrich and to empower the chickenhawk neoconservatives (neo-Trotskyites) who admire Trotsky and Machiavelli and who have rejected traditional American values. Neoconservatives (neo-Trotskyites) support totalitarian takeovers in Iran and elsewhere.

Anyone who is considering joining the military today should do some research about Colorado Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo, who is a 2008 candidate for President. Tancredo avoided service in the Vietnam War using a mental excuse. Tancredo is a neoconservative who supports the Iranian Communist MEK. Where are the condemnations of Tancredo by the major American media for being a traitor worse than Benedict Arnold, a hero of the American Revolution before betraying the American Revolution? See:

Crazy for You

By Patricia Calhoun

Published: December 3, 1998


Then, they should research why some in the American media have been attempting to exclude Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul from the debates and from being mentioned in the media. They can start by reading Congressman Ron Paul’s July 10, 2003 speech in Congress:



July 10, 2003



Some Americans have not been conned by the neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites).

There are a large number of Web sites listing the chickenhawks, such as:


Why should any American die or become disabled to serve the corrupt interests of America’s neo-conservative (neo-Trotskyite) chickenhawks?

I served in Vietnam. No American should serve in Iraq today.

Readers might learn something from posted quotations about history, such as:

George Bernard Shaw:

We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.

George Santayana:

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


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