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Rajavi depicts truth at will

A further review of the message given by Masoud Rajavi on December 27 reveals more contradictory and threatening points to be elaborated on. For instance, somewhere in this message, it has been stated:

[Iranian] regime wants to take his chance once more in the gap of the replacement of the last US administration with the new one for evacuating Ashraf and getting a more stable position in its next negotiation with the US.

Evidently due to Rajavi’s illusionary ideas and megalomania that seems to be intensified after the fall of Saddam, he assumes a major role for Mojahedin in the future of the US-Iran conflict. Likewise, he even dares to tie global security with his decision makings.  Doing so, he aims to deceive the public opinion and make the ground for the settlement of Mojahedin in camp Ashraf. In fact, he makes an attempt to inculcate his advocators with the idea that any political decision making in the challenge posed by Mojahedin for Iraqi government is unlikely without taking his will into consideration. However, he is well aware that there are significant issues on the agenda of the US-Iran to be discussed in which the issue of Mojahedin is beside the point. This claim is made in a condition when despite the removal of MKO from the EU terrorist list provided Mojahedin stop terrorist activities, the US shows no turnabout and still recognizes MKO as a terrorist organization. Although in recent years, Rajavi has made considerable effort to exaggerate his trivial political victories and by means of fabrication and perversion has pretended that the US position toward MKO has changed, all his efforts have been futile and he failed to ensure the security and stabilization of camp Ashraf and its residents. He knows that the US would never bet a dead horse like him for thousands of reasons.

Rajavi is to determine the factors based on which he predicts that the issue of Mojahedin would be the focal point of the US-Iran negotiation; a point that he refrains to elaborate on clearly. It seems that his claims of enjoying a determining role in the region are mostly baseless aimed at deceiving his European advocators and sympathizers.  He is aware that pursuing the strategy of “survival in gap” toward Americans is useless for thousands of reasons one of which is the familiarity of the US with the true terrorist nature of Mojahedin.  In case the US decides to select an alternative for the Iranian government, it would be a democratic one hew to human rights and international conventions not Mojahedin whose internal as well as external relations are based on the most reactionary and non-democratic doctrines. In this regard, the statement of the US department state in April 2007 can be referred to in which the terrorist nature of Mojahedin and the US unwillingness to interfere in the internal affairs of Iran have been focused on.

In another part of his message, Rajavi addresses Ashraf residents and says:

If Iraq is a legalized country and has a legal government, rules of civilization necessitate it that firstly, the lawyers of two parties sit together and express their reasons and explanations in a peaceful and logical environment according to international rules to find out the rights Iraqi government recognizes legitimate for Ashraf residents. As I said, 27 European countries have removed Mojahedin from their terrorist list up to now. The US has also declared that Ashraf residents have been interrogated one by one and it has been concluded that they are not terrorist. In addition, the name of MKO has not been in the terrorist list of the UN. Therefore, I say once more that there is no longer any subterfuge at the hands of the dictator regime of Iran and its leader to put Iraqi government under pressure. It’s better that justice and law win in the dialogue of the lawyers of two parties, yet if religious dictatorship of Iran annulled the decision of Iraq and dictated its own will, then you will see.

Rajavi ignores the sovereignty of the legal Iraqi government and overtly states that its decisions are under the effect of the Iranian and also perverts the clear position of the US on the terrorist nature of Mojahedin. He further warns that in case he fails to achieve his objectives, an all-out war would be waged against Iraqi government. His emphasis on “then you will see” is an instance of his cultic literature and jargon used at the end of all his statements as a warning to those against him. The peak of his perverted claims is where he calls Ashraf residents both as real and legal entities at his own will. Furthermore, he claims that Ashraf residents have been interrogated one by one and it has been concluded that they no longer support terrorism; however, somewhere else he depends their rearming on the will and decision of the US: 

All Ashraf residents dismissed the support of violence and terrorism and asserted that they would never get armed illegally.

Although he equals carrying arms to terrorism and states that Mojahedin no longer have access to their arms hence it is proved that they have stopped their terrorist activities, he contradicts his own statement and declares that they never get armed illegally. In other words, their legal equipment with the arms is likely. Non-refulement that is recognized by Rajavi as an international convention necessitates individual asylum seeking of MKO members whereas Rajavi refrains to accept this international rule. Iraqi government has repeatedly asserted that if Ashraf residents seek individual refuge, it may prepare the ground for their transfer to a European country and would recognize the legitimacy of their temporary presence in Iraq despite their terrorist activities; however, Rajavi avoids recognizing Ashraf residents as individuals rightful to be master of their own destiny.

As it was mentioned, in case of Mojahedin’s rearming for any reason, it is likely that the EU nullify its vote on the removal of MKO from blacklist. Therefore, Rajavi tries to draw a boundary between terrorist activities and legitimate defense and openly considers the group’s arsenal in Iraq as their absolute and legal right. He further points out that MKO has been initiated its activities based on two factors of ideological and strategic armed struggle since 1967 and insists on their recognition as such. Surprisingly enough, he refers to this point as the red line between them and Iraqi government as well as international bodies. He also quotes Mrs. Claire Miskin, the prominent English judge: “A very interesting point about MKO is that it is not only a legitimate resistance movement but has been under the full control of law more than any other movement”.


Then he concludes that:

Keeping the securing of Ashraf and its residents is on American forces up to the time when their destiny is determined.

The way the interests, rights, sovereignty, and legal demands of Iraqi people are to be achieved despite the possibility of Mojahedin’s committing terrorist activities is an issue to be answered by Rajavi. The fact is that Rajavi solicit the US for paving the ground for its rearming and cares not for Iraqi government. His remarks concerning the US are suppliant and as concerned with Iraqi government are threatening as a result of the temporal removal of MKO from the terrorist list of the EU. Now, we understand what Rajavi meant by a barrier in his way of achieving his objectives in Iraq. It seems that the removal of MKO from the EU list has led to the destabilization of the region and endangering the peace and security of Iraq rather than posing a threat to the Iranian government. It takes too much time for MKO advocators and sympathizers to understand the true terrorist nature of Mojahedin.

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