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Does a Ruling Change the Truth?

Would it ever acquit a criminal of his committed crime if he merely washed off his blood-stained hands? In the same way, the removal of a terror tag from a notorious terrorist group with a long history of perpetrated terrorist atrocities against a nation will not change anything. Some may congratulate Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO/MEK/PMOI) for the ruling to be removed from the UK terror list and some may be shocked and dismayed. But the truth is that there are enough telling evidences on the group’s appalling terrorist deeds against Iranian people to make its supporters ashamed of giving the group an iota of backing.

Far beyond joking, MKO’s leaders are mocking Iranian government and people when they grin to congratulate the so-called victory since they know better than anybody else what they have done. They call it the outcome of a seven-year-battle between advocates of democracy and Iranian regime but, unnoticed as it may go, the supposed victory emerges exactly on the anniversary of one the group’s most outrageous terrorist operation in Iran. On 27 June 1981, the late Ayatollah Beheshti, then Iranian judiciary chief, and 72 other senior officials were perished in a bomb explosion planted in the Islamic Republic Party’s main building by MKO.

Can the incident be erased from the history or sank into oblivion? Or maybe the group’s advocates have justifiable explanation up their sleeves for Iranian people for whom they are trying to suggest the once expelled terrorists for the accomplishment of democracy! Who knows, maybe they have concluded that if they succeeded to wash the blood off their protégés, the Machiavellianists would be granted an extra opportunity to jump on the scene under a false pro-democratic disguise.

Of course, it will not take long for its advocates to be disappointed because neither is it a political weight nor has it any publicity among Iranian people to start over a new political career. Besides, the ruling faces the organization with further internal crises; being removed from the terror list, it has no other way but to respect democratic principles and let its unwilling members decide for themselves

Mojahedin.ws, June 26, 2008


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