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A just ruling misinterpreted

In a recent gathering of a number of MKO’s sympathizers outside the British Parliament, they called for removal of the group’s terrorist tag at a time when the EU intends to keep it on its terrorist list. The rally is reported to have been attended by David Jones, a Conservative Member of Parliament, who assured the protestors of his unflinching support.

Referring to the ruling of the European Court of Justice on December 12, 2006 he said: "I was present in the European Court of Justice last year when in February it deliberated the case of the PMOI. This court in December ruled that the name of the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran should be removed from the list of banned organisations".

Of course, Mr. David Jones may not be willing to explain how a banned organization can have the permission of orchestrating a rally in broad daylight for ten successive weeks, as the group claims, outside the British Parliament. Besides, the European Court of Justice has never ruled that MKO “should be removed from the list of banned organisations", as he states. Here is the verdict of the court in its press release No. 97/06 12 December 2006:

In conclusion, the Court finds that the decision ordering the freezing of the OMPI’s funds does not contain a sufficient statement of reasons and that it was adopted in the course of a procedure during which the right of the party concerned to a fair hearing was not observed, and that it is not in a position to review the lawfulness of that decision. Accordingly that decision must be annulled in so far as it concerns the OMPI.

Mojahedin.ws – 12/06/2007

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