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The Truth: What the history recorded

The truth that the history recorded of one of the most notorious, bloody organization Mujahedin –e- Khalq.

We are narrating the life of those who have been living in MKO via words and pictures.

And this is an evidence to condemn those who stood by the side of Saddam and Rajavi`s group and its followers in the trial of the history.

Although there are still vague points, the truth and the right will be discovered.


Dear audience, I hope you a good time where ever you are.blank

During this show we are going to investigate a lot of files which are not the last files.

If you want the truth that the history has been recording, stay with us.

Dear viewers, there is no doubt that most countries around the world grant refugee to people who might be political refugees or those who fled because of the war and natural incidents…

When the Iraqis were under Saddam Hussein`s dictatorship, the best opportunity was prepared to ruin Iraqi history, waist its resources and also destabilize its neighbors one after The other.

Due to its mean leader, the Iraqi territory became a fertile pasture for most deadly organizations.


Dear viewers, this cruel party became a state inside another one.

The both states are based on Rajavi- Saddami politics.

And the nation should pay the price of these cruelties and ambitions with the blood of their children and their territory integrity.

Of-course the remnants of Rajavi and Saddam are unaware of the fact.


Here I have some reports from the international human rights organizations which are detailed documents on the human rights abuses in MKO And reports by some individuals who were of MKO leaders and defected from the group. Their names include:


I am Parvin Faraugh , the former member of  Mujahedin khalq.

Any one who is in Iran or Iraq knows how the relation was.

We thought that the activities of the organization are funded by its social – political supporters in Europe and didn`t know that they are in contact with Saddam who wants to penetrate.


This film is recorded by the hidden cameras of Iraqi Intelligence Service. Masud Rajavi is meeting with general Sabir the director of Iraqi Intelligence Service.

It means that Mr. President ordered and the funds were paid.

Before studying the documents, there is a survey and confessions made by some kurdish individuals.

So stay with us to watch these people.


I am Saeed Ahmad Muhammad. The Intifada  of people of Kurdistan started in 1991 when I was a member National Alliance of Kurdistan and I was a brigadier – general. Our personnel were getting prepared for the freedom operation of Iraq and our forces were getting ready to go to Tuzkhormatou where at that time was like the other cities. Mr. Usman Haj Mahmud was the responsible of Tuzkhurmatou and I was the first – responsible of the forces.


The Intifada began in the south of central Iraq and the Kurds could consequently release a large part of Kurdish region : Rina , kellar , kefri and Tuzkhourmatu and the following day when we arrived in Tuzkhourmatu we saw that Mujahedin forces were hiding near the city and despite there was no problem between us and Mujahedin , They closed our way and asked us to leave the city and of-course the request didn`t end with Tuzkhowrmatu but they wanted to take kallar , kefri , khaneqein and … We told them that we oppose the regime and you oppose the regime in an other way and it is not suitable to fight each other . Iraqi internal affairs is none of our business, it is Iraq`s business and you shouldn`t put conditions for us but their response was nothing except waiting “for our response”. At last, we declared our disagreement with their conditions.


The third day that we were staying in the city, we got in a clash we Iraqi forces and made too much damages to their equipments, tanks and forces.


The forth day MKO forces asked us to let them leave the city.


We accepted because we had great projects for Kirkuk freedom operation however the road to Kirkuk was blocked by MKO forces unfortunately. Then we agreed that their forces go via Tuzkhoumatu although they fired their guns against us once a while. Until noon when they attacked a group of innocent civilians in Suleiman Beig, a region between Kirkuk and Baghdad, and a large number of people were killed or injured. Some of them are still alive. Despite we had no hostility against them , later we found out that they had been cooperating with Iraqi Intelligence since long time ago and had been aiding Istikhbarat  in suppressing Iraqi people`s uprisings.


They were more active than Intelligence forces in suppresses.

They enjoyed a large support by Saddam Hussein and security forces and there were the reasons for their continuous attacks to Kefri, Khaneqein and Kellar but all their attack were crushed terribly by Pishmerga forces.


What we said was nothing other than what was recorded by the history.

There were also some other clashes between MEK and us for example in the regions of Jelula and lazim.


These forces saw themselves as the Iranian opposition but it is not logical that they own some bases in Iraq having headquarters in Iraqi main roads.

They helped the Baath forces of Iraq. The Kurdish people never forget that MEK martyred their children.


I am Adel Shakour Ahmad the deputy – chairman of Daramia region

I eye-witnessed how Mujahedin`s tanks crushed the bodies of Peshmerga and innocent people in Suleiman Beig.

They killed the kids who were under 7 and were in their mothers` bosom

For Mujahedin khalq there was no difference between adults or kids, youth or elderly, men or women or Pishmerga

They attack the civilians of a large city like Kefri and as MKO`s tanks were invading the city, Saddam Hossein`s aircrafts were bombarding the city.

I eye-witnessed Mujahedin khalq captured a person, chained him and threw him under a tank.

Their crimes were worse than those of Saddam Hossein. The tanks of his regime never crushed the kids or innocent people.

In Kellar the tanks killed more than 20 civilians and then attacked the hospital of the town and killed most of the patients including men , women , elderly and kids.

They shot two of the doctors and killed a ten-year old child and another doctor named Dr. Muhammad

The people of Kurdistan will never forget the crimes and inhuman acts of MKO in soleiman Beig and Tuzkhurmatou

Although  Kurds  were  under  the dictatorship  of  Saddam Hussein  for 35 years , they haven’t  seen , the  crimes  like MEK committed against  them , in their territory yet

Saddam granted Mujahedin –e- khalq a lot of regions including Alazm        that included dozens of military bases equipped with all kinds of weapons such as cannons, tanks, and military aircrafts.

Mujahedin killed the innocent people, although they never had the right to do so. They were the opponents to another country and never had the right to intervene in our country’s affair at all.

The people of kurdistan were struggling to achieve their own rights but MKO was a mercenary force that saddam’s regime had hired to massacre the children of Kurdish nation in Iraq.

They are the agents of Saddam’s regime and killed over 182000 children of the innocent kurdish people and today 

We have a lot of evidences that prove that MEK were involved in those clashes and massacres.


I am Tarig Sadig , the director of Mantry in Garmian .

On March 25th, 1961, a large number of tanks and cannons entered Alazm region , with exalted flags , and immediately after they arrived in the town , they opened the fire against innocent people that ended with the death or injury of a lot of civilians.

 In their shameful invasion, they didn’t make any difference between men and women or youth or old people or kids or civilians or peshmerga forces.

I saw with my own eyes how MKO tanks fired those who were just watching them. They went from the main street to branches and shot everyone in their way.

When they reached a hospital, they shot everyone and martyred a lot of them. Among the martyrs I can name Dr.Nehle, Engineer Zahi and a private car driver.

The forces got to Bardsur and their aim was Kellar, they wanted to cut the contact between kellar and Suleimania.

Without the presence of the Pishmarga forces, the Baath forces reached the city.

In Bardsur they fired the tanks against the women and children who were running away to get to seid khalil .

Meanwhile Peshmerga arrived and exploded Mujahedin’s tanks and took their cars forcing them to escape

In a place in kellar one of the pishmarga forces attacked a tank of MKO’s with his klashinkof. He was killed immediately.

The Kurdish men were not in fight with Mujahedin khalq organization but they were fighting those who were hired by Saddam. At that time Masud Rajavi personally ordered the massacre of innocent people in most regions including Sulaimanbeig and kellar .

Dear viewers, good evening, once more with the Truth:


Gholam Reza Sadeghi is another eye-witness who says:

 I have an Iranian – American ID card. After I saw the inhuman acts of the organization I found the truth so I decided to leave the group and return to the US but they imprisoned me and said that my passport was lost and I should leave without it they said :

”If the Iraqi forces see you , they will arrest and imprison you .“ They imprisoned and tortured me.

When the Americam forces arrived in Iraq, I went before them and described my situation and asked them to help me return to America since I had an American ID.

In the papers, Gholam Reza Sadeghi wrote by his own hands and here they are kept before us, he wants the justice to be done about this camp which is a threat to AbuGhoraib region.

The camp was granted to Mujahedin by Saddam. The forces of the camp were used to suppress the prisoners in AbuGhoraib.

The prisoners were like burning bullets and late at night, they were divided to 3, 6, 7 parts and the terrorist acts were executed against them.

Late at night, they brought them outside and asked them: who cares for his religious ceremonies, who says his prayers regularly.. ?

And when they wanted to execute the rules of the prison, they forced some prisoners to beat the other prisoners continuously and if anyone didn’t obey them, they would punish him seriously.

Such affairs, in Abghoraib, were managed by Mojahedin khalq under the order of the Iraqi office: Anvar Sadig  Hariri .


We have also another witness Taymour Mahmoud Khattar.

In the picture, he is showing the photo of his son who left Iran in 2001. When he was in Turkey on his way to Europe, he was recruited by MKO.

When Sohil Khatar found out the true face of the organization, he tried to leave it.

But he ends with death. After his parents attempted to find the documents of his death, they found his certificate in which they saw the blue stamp of”Died”.

Dear viewers, the crimes of organization do not end up to here.

And in the memories of most Iraqis, there are traces of the group’s crimes and violence.

Notice the survey among some of the citizens:

In this street interviews where all Iraqi journalists are working for a free and developed Iraq , all of us ask for the expulsion of all terrorist  groups including mujahedin khalq .

In the name of God. Via this tribune, I ask for the expulsion of Mujahedin organization because they are those who commit terrorist activities and cooperated with Saddam in the massacre of Shaabanieh .

The disorders in Iraq are due to the presence of this organization.

This is an organization that has much negative influence on the entire society weather youth or elderly.


While we are broad casting these pictures, there may be someone who doubts the truth of them but I’d say: Is it wise that the organization arrests and imprisons the individuals?


All human right organizations of the UN have reports on the human rights abuses in MKO. We hear a lot of requests from various sources who ask the Iraqi government to expel the organization or at least to take them under control and supervision completely.

They also want them to be banded of any military activity and any activity that harms the neighboring countries.

While the Iraqi Government is trying to stabilize

The neighbors which can be the pre-pheres of military , economic and security stability

All the politicians and citizens want the expulsion of the group.

They want the group to stop the cruelty, injustice and revenge policy that has followed as the Baathist policy.

The Iraqi government wants the organization to obey the diplomatic and political principals and the Human Rights

The picture you are viewing in my hand shows the families of the captured ones in the organization. They had come to Iraq from Iran or outside Iran to ask for the achievement of their children’s rights. Here, there are hundreds of people who are barred by Rajavi’s group in camp Ashraf.

Most people don’t want this camp to be changed to a military base asking for the take over of the camp from MKO

There are a lot of arguments on the case.

Here I have many documents that we will let you and the families of the captive ones know and this program will not be the last.

We will discuss the right and the truth promising you to open other files which will be recorded by the history, soon.

Good bye 

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