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MKO has huge medicine supplies

Despite the MKO hue and cry over the lack of medicine and doctors in camp Ashraf and accusing the Iraqi government of not allowing trucks t enter medicine and food to this garrison, this terrorist organization has several warehouses full of drugs inside the camp.

As reported by a Habilian database correspondent, since the handover of camp Ashraf protection from the hands of Americans to Iraqi forces, MKO has repeatedly tried to create a media mob and spread rumors against the Iraqi government. This is while Iraq’s national security adviser, Muwaffagh Al- Rubaie has announced the freedom of movement of trucks of medicines and food to the camp.

The report also says: In last march Manouchehr Hezar Khani, a high-ranking member of MKO who lives in the Europe together with Maryam Rajavi and some other MKO members, published a book in which he referred to his recent visit to camp Ashraf.

In a part of his book, hezar Khani referrers to Ashraf hospital and says: "Ashraf hospital is now the unique source for the treatment of patients within Ashraf city and fortunately, as I’ve already mentioned, not only we enjoy the support and cooperation of Iraqi doctors but also as the officials of the hospital say, it was equipped by many sophisticated medical equipments and tools (a part of which I saw myself) for testing and treatment and this development is still ongoing. The day I was at the hospital, there were only a few patients in bed.

According to the officials, the hospital is now able to treat all kinds of diseases the fact I couldn’t believe until I saw the warehouses of medicine and medical equipments."

The report also adds: National council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), the so-called MKO parliament in exile, has recently issued a ridiculous hasty announcement in which they accused the Iraqi government of refraining from allowing Iraqi surgeons enter the camp to treat two patients with cancer and appendicitis.

Meanwhile in an interview with Habilian database Dr. Walid Al- Araji, a specialist in Iraq’s Ministry of Health, stated: MKO elements which were backed by American forces repeatedly robbed medicines from the stores of Ministry of Health in Baghdad via trucks at the time camp Ashraf protection was in hands of Americans.

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